Anatomy of a Nightmare

So about 2 weeks ago I had a dream that Christine got married.
And she didn’t invite me or Isabel. She forgot. Isabel received her invitation the day before the wedding… But mine was not to be found…
Instead we saw her nuptials on facebook… And what I saw was terrifying.
It looked like the 1980s and a classy George Washington painting had a baby with grimace of McDonalds fame during the festival mardi gras. It was wrong. It was really wrong… for reals.

And thanks to the magic of doodling and the bounty of photos on the internet… I can share my nightmare with you…
Her ceremony mildly looked like this, except it had more swaggy fabric:

and Christine bragged about her dress which looked like this:

Here is a handier diagram for those who are not in my brain:

She walked down the aisle to Angel dressed like George Washington…. Who actually looks cool dressed like the first president of our country, at an Elton John concert:

And maybe it was good we were not invited… because, all her bridemaids looked like grimace:

This dress flatters no one

It was at times fascinating and disgusting, and magical all in one.
But, please don’t ever be real. Also no more dreams with facebook

2 thoughts on “Anatomy of a Nightmare

  1. You weren’t kidding! This IS traumatizing! Haha.. I love it.. I wish I were as talented as you so I could document my dreams in technicolor.

  2. I told you it was awful. The most terrifying thing is that my head thought created this bounty of nasty in the first place.

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