Red Friday

I know that March is all about St. Patrick’s day and spring, so I should be decked out in florals and greens.

But lately I have been so obsessed with red.

Like everything I usually choose yellow, or green, I have been make it red. Nail polish, accessories, lipstick (I don’t wear green lipstick) but seriously, I want it red and I would also like that red to be shiny.

Maybe it’s because it hasn’t stopped raining in California and I am jonesing for a color I can’t get right now, as every single thing in my day is coated in gray.

Or maybe it’s because I’m doing what I want to do and I feel powerful?

Or maybe it’s because I got a new coat that is the color of the most delicious strawberry?

Maybe it’s all those things.

So Friday seems like the day to celebrate it.



And also a great time to celebrate my new markers and eraser.


It’s the little things that make the day fantastic!



You Can’t Stop the Dot

I am so always about things that look slightly retro/vintage.  

When I saw that polka dots were “in” this year I could have thrown a party!  

Which could look a lot like this:  

image from: Celebration Shoppe


I suggest that every one should have at least one polka dot item this year, it makes everything nice.  

I am a huge fan of polka dot dresses, because it brings quirky vintage fun to everything!  

This polka dot dress is great for everyday… and I think Christine needs this:  


This polka dot dress is from Jessica Simpson…. Yeah I know but the dress is cute. And I’m thinking if I run across it… this dress will be super mine:  


I also love this polka dot sailor outfit, it’s nautical and dottie:  


Here are some other Polka dot outfits that are really cute for the rest of spring and summer. All of which I would wear to work and on the weekends:  


But after seeing the dress on the right I’m so all about formal polka dots:  


I’m also crazy about bathing suits in polka dots.  

When I was looking at a mighty fine magazine that was telling me about the splendor that is polka dots it showed me bathing suits.  

I of course like this one but is it for sale. Come on, Ava Gardner some one should sell this swim suit:  


So I found some really cute ones from unique vintage in Burbank:  


 Also I found some super cute polka dot shoes which shout out to Isabel would look great with a lab coat!    

and these ones have polka holes:  

  And just for good measure I put in this video which shows Meghan Smith in a super cute dress:


 Dot it up,   


Hi My Name is Jimmy!

Today’s Jimmy doodle is Jimmy themed!

“Say What?”

Tis true dear friend, today’s Jimmy is Bubble Boy… and if you recall from Jake Gyllenhaal’s classic boy in a pastic bubble tale.

I could see Jimmy Bounding down the streets without a care in the world, or an immunity in his system.

Isn’t it wonderful?


Glee: the Fashion Club

It is incredibly obvious that I like “glee.”

Which has lured me with it’s “Bring it On” meets “Miss Guided” meets “Grease” plot…

Not just because the whole office is still singing “Single Ladies” or because I have been listening to Montell Jordan “This is How we do it” on repeat.

Nor is it because I want a button that says “gleek”

But because I cannot get enough of OCD(elicious) Emma Pillsbury played by the adorable Jayma Mays…

She’s the most adorable guidance counselor since… well, “Miss Guided’s” Ms. Perky… she is also in love with the Spanish teacher/Glee Coach Will.

hmm the parallels :)

But I digress

She really does.

And I adore her Mod-Preppy Chic-ness. It’s very “That Girl”.

She wears pretty much every color…

And she wears it well:





Her preppy adorable-ness makes her one of the hippest teachers at this Ohio High school. I could just imagine the immaculate closet of rainbow colors she must have! I wonder how many sweaters she owns????

and her lonely sweater is J-crew tastic…

I must also make this comment about her wicked cute accessories:

She may as well start her own Fashion Club… watch out Will:

But I know some people object to her cuteness due to her ulterior Will motives…So although she may have ♥’s for a married man most people can agree:


Anyone want to go shopping for some cute clothes???


[ pictures of Jayma Mays come from: Jayma Mays Online]

Vision of Love

No, this isn’t exactly about Mariah Carey….

it’s called I have been given time to photoshop:

please don’t put things on my glasses i’m uber blind.

also I’m currently working on the “investalligator”.


Glee: All By Myself

I really love emotional moments in TV and movies…

One of my favorite moments from tv happened many years ago on a show called “Felicity”… it was this classic dramatic moment when Noel locked himself in his dorm closed the curtains and listens to “everybody hurts by REM”  after a failed attempt at a relationship with Felicity

(since the show is so old there are no clips of this online :(…. )

But I digress, I think that glee is trying to steal away my affections of lonely noel with this more than depressing clip.

I’m sorry Noel… but Emma Pillsbury may win.

especially since she has way cute clothes.



This post is dedicated to the illest of Christine’s

When you recover from being illy may you have as much fun as this Colin Farrell on the beach with a wierd matress with baby toys on it (actually,  it looks like he has some extra room in the shade):

Thanks for being an awesome beach model Colin Farrell, we appreciate it.

The Spaceman

I have a feeling the biggest halloween costume of the year is going to be Brandon Flowers Outfit from the music video “Spaceman.”

I have previously stated that I love that video.

AND more so I have commented on this more than rad costume. Which someday even I (a 5′ tall girl) would love to own.

I really think that it has everything to do with the shoulder pads. Or as we should call them… rad pads :)

But why I really think that This is going on is because I get at least 30 searches a week on this page of “brandon flowers spaceman”… or “brandon flowers spaceman costume”


which I find very awesome. I emplore you if you dress like this at any time PLEASE send me a picture! I will put them all over here.