He likes Your Moves

Okay as well known as I could possibly make this…. I love the Cure,  I adore them so much I could use a “♥”. Actually one of my dreams has always been to meet Robert Smith… he’s the definition of cool to me!

I must also say that I cannot stop listening to The Black Kids, they have this song that sounds so much like the Cure the first time I heard it I felt the joy of Robert Smith.

Apparently not everyone digs their sound because they sound too much like the Cure… but in my opinion sounding like the Cure can never be wrong!!!!!

And the music video could not be any more awesome. If at all possible they combined the Cure and Marie Antoinette together… (yeah more that just the soundtrack!!!)

here’s some clips from the video that state my case  :)

looks like Marie Antoinette by Sophia Coppala….

also it looks like the video for boys don’t cry

I could just pass out due to my obscene happiness!!!!




Vroom Vroom

Before being an internet sensation and the truest love of Clay Aiken, Isabel started a humble car modeling career.

in fact she totally modeled for mercedes… the station wagon edition…

in fact we both modeled… but I was the national “neon” spokeswoman.

Ahhh the memories :)

Avast, My heart… Monkey Island is BACK

I never thought the day would come.

I always thought that all that was left of Monkey Island was the memories and the songs about Silver’s Long Johns.

But as my dearest MI companion Christine told me… there is a new Guybrush adventure about to be thrust on us… my only response is AWESOME!

It’s so awesome that I think there should be a parade…

For all the real info on this here’s Lucas Arts Re-release… and click here to see about the new game.



Internet Finds

I found a website. No, not at the creepy tree of Knowledge by my old office… online.

It caught my attention with mentions of 100 calorie pack foods and miniatures. She also talks about other stuff, so it’s not all about little thangs.

I think you could enjoy it too:


And the band has nothing to do with Clay Aiken. Sorry Isabel.


Easter Entertainment

Easter time is full of family programming… most will be watching Charlton Heston, some will watch the Peanuts gang…

But don’t you wish that popular bands got holiday specials, and not like Kenny G, or country stars… but actual cool bands.

This is my dream for Sunday

You know you’d love it too!


Killing Me Softly with the Killers

If i had a grandpa that looked like your grandpa…

So I may not be the biggest Killers fan but…

I totally am adoring this new album, and then I saw the music video for “Spaceman” I had this like super sugar coated happiness. The kind I only get when I see Green Day prior to 2006 and the Cure.


And quite honestly this video kind of reminds me of Robert Smith and the Cure. The colors are deliciously 80’s and I wish that the Cure were in it dancing the background…

also… does anyone want to wear an outfit like Brandon Flowers with me???

Because you best believe when this neon green cast comes off this costume goes on!


Alternate Career Path pt. 2

Many years ago there was a little Eric that was fated to become the voice of our generation… until he met video games.

As a young child Eric would roam the streets with his dog earred copy of So you want to be President?sharing with anyone that would listen to him about his political platforms such as … candies for everyone, tropical shirt Tuesdays, and universal kittens.





 (he really owns this book, except his version is highlighted, and has notes and post-ts all over it)

FUN FACT! his favorite helpful hint is #46 answer questions with more questions…



This however all changed one night whilst playing F22 Interceptor. Eric realized that  playing video games was much more fun than his history and government homework. His interest in the presidency wained as he continued to play with the television screen glowing deep into the night.  At the age of 12 after eating at the Red Lobster he decided he would much prefer to be a lobster whisperer…

And when that didn’t pan out the way he had hoped for…

…he decided on industrial technology.

This is the future Eric could have had if he had become a politician…

(note his tropical shirt and lobster awareness button)


this would have been his campaign… (as you can see he’s been teased about this before)

take your “Change” actual president Obama… Eric would have brought the people of the United States “Good Times”


Things could have been so different.