Alternate Career Path pt. 2

Many years ago there was a little Eric that was fated to become the voice of our generation… until he met video games.

As a young child Eric would roam the streets with his dog earred copy of So you want to be President?sharing with anyone that would listen to him about his political platforms such as … candies for everyone, tropical shirt Tuesdays, and universal kittens.





 (he really owns this book, except his version is highlighted, and has notes and post-ts all over it)

FUN FACT! his favorite helpful hint is #46 answer questions with more questions…



This however all changed one night whilst playing F22 Interceptor. Eric realized that  playing video games was much more fun than his history and government homework. His interest in the presidency wained as he continued to play with the television screen glowing deep into the night.  At the age of 12 after eating at the Red Lobster he decided he would much prefer to be a lobster whisperer…

And when that didn’t pan out the way he had hoped for…

…he decided on industrial technology.

This is the future Eric could have had if he had become a politician…

(note his tropical shirt and lobster awareness button)


this would have been his campaign… (as you can see he’s been teased about this before)

take your “Change” actual president Obama… Eric would have brought the people of the United States “Good Times”


Things could have been so different.


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