President’s Day w/ Jimmy

My mind is a never-ending cavalcade of silliness.

So, today in honor of President’s day I give you this doodle of what happens to Jimmy every time this day shows up on the calendar:

The best real part of Presidents day is that I was talking on the phone this weekend when this happened beautiful conversation happened:

Jimmy: [on phone]: I do not look like Abraham Lincoln and now the internet thinks I do.

Me: Well, you are tall and do have brown hair. [to Jimmy on phone]

[Dad walks in room]

Dad: You are talking to Jimmy?

Me: Yeah.

Dad: It’s a big day coming up for him!

Me: What?

Dad: Isn’t it president’s day Monday?

Me: Hahaha. My dad just made a Lincoln joke about you…

Jimmy: Dear God.


Have a happy President’s day every one!


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