Things for All the Time: Fake Birds

The newest addition to the Canon of things Christine needs for all the time is a beautiful and welcome addition to any home.


Firstly, you can put them in your house and make it more exotic.
Secondly, you can reenact your favorite moments from “The Birds.”
And Thirdly, you can use them to make your guests feel incredibly odd.

Guest: “Um is that a Raven in my tea?”
Christine: “Why yes, I think it is.”

Happy Friday!

Things for All the Time: Vampire Teeth

Recently on a trip to the best place on earth… “Halloween Town” in Burbank, Christine and I found a never-ending cavalcade of things we need in everyday life.

Really. I don’t know if that makes me and Christine a little macabre, but that is the way we like it. And in which other way can we lure Tim Burton and Johnny Depp into our houses?

Just ask Christine and her vampy teeth:


The Luckiest of Ducks

I am super Über grateful for the really great friends I have.

I am sometimes really moody, a little too giggly, and overall too bedazzled and confused about basically everything I do. Most times I am composed, but sometimes I break into tiny dorito like pieces (because I’m made of cool ranch.) And then my friends tell me that everything is going to be all right, and to take it like a Lauren.

I am Lauren F*ing Hollaway after all :)

Thanks again girlies!


Once Upon a Meat Night

Sometimes you have ideas and they are just okay.

Sometimes you have ideas that are slap a stranger in the face, great!

Meat Night is the latter. A whole night dedicated to meat, a night that only dawn can stop. Christine and I are this excited about it!

And you know who is the dream MC of this event would be? Jon Hamm.


My new threads

I’ve been getting in some trouble for some months now, every time I dress nice… people follow me to my car, stare deeply at me, or accuse me of staring at their man.

Um I just tried to look nice for a change, sorry that me putting more that 10 minutes into my makeup offends people. To try to appease the public (and save myself from swift parking lot murders) I have decided to spice up the old wardrobe:


P.S. This is Christine’s response (which I immortalized in doodle):

Thanks little liquid beanie!

P.P.S. I did stare at him… he was sitting across the table from me. Hey Angel!

They call her “Jazz Hands Keelin”

Christine, princess of dip, Tsar of Mucho Guacamole and Grand Benevolent Ruler of fried zucchini batter has not always wanted to accept her delicious role in life… In an alternate universe Christine would have followed her love for pristine white gloves and fedoras and become the most supreme modern-tap-artist, adored by tweens worldwide. She would have a sponsorship paid for by the big Suspender companies, she would have the taps shoes of a God…
And this is what it would have looked like:

Happy Friday!