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I’ve been getting in some trouble for some months now, every time I dress nice… people follow me to my car, stare deeply at me, or accuse me of staring at their man.

Um I just tried to look nice for a change, sorry that me putting more that 10 minutes into my makeup offends people. To try to appease the public (and save myself from swift parking lot murders) I have decided to spice up the old wardrobe:


P.S. This is Christine’s response (which I immortalized in doodle):

Thanks little liquid beanie!

P.P.S. I did stare at him… he was sitting across the table from me. Hey Angel!

3 thoughts on “My new threads

  1. LOL everytime i put in extra time on my hair or makeup i get chased down town by angry homeless people! recently i took a picture of the some buildings in the city and some random guy called me a stalker and he took a picture of me and said if it goes out he knows what i look like….
    people can be scary

    -Bianca at

    1. It’s good to know I’m not alone in the creepy world we live in. Once, I was followed by a homeless man, who told me I had a friendly face.

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