That’s What Friends Are For

My day has not been all thumbs up, and happy bird drawings today.

And that’s okay, I guess…

But when I find myself a little bit down and find the projects I’ve been working on for months in shambles… I like to take a moment to draw my b.f.f. Christine in a large pile of dip.

Mucho Guacamole dip to be exact:

Yep this is what I do to relax… draw my friends in piles of food. Which is a completely casual fun way to pass your day. Someday I hope to convince Christine to let me make new packages for her dip mixes .. until then it will just become an obsessive hobby that I will try to convince others to join in…

So take some time, and draw someone you adore  in  a big ole pile of dip.


P to the S: Did you notice my not so hidden advertisement for MPK Foods? You should totally buy MPK Food’s Mucho Guacamole Dip! It’s the dip mix of Champions and is 100% Lauren and Christine approved.

Things Just keep Getting Better!

I thought the best thing about today is that I’m wearing a dress… but much like that song they play on “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” Things have just got so much better!


-I got to briefly reenact West Side Story with a coworker. I’m talking about choreographed knife fights in the office people!

-One of my bestie’s, Christine likes an outfit I drew her in so much she wants to make it in real life!

-I have not had a Bird Man Dream since Tuesday!

-I got to eat barbecue potato chips at lunch (If you can’t tell yet, I’m easily amused.)

– I’m featured as today’s Crazy Chick on Lafemme’s Crazy Chick’s Club, which is a hilarious blog that is good for all the people!


I really am most excited about the last one… Even though those chips had a lot of barbecue powder on them!

Anyways! Today I say thanks so much for interviewing me Lafemme! And Let’s hear it for the weird girls… because we’re taking over!

Let's get really weird!



The Smoothie Pavillion

I am in some need of giggly times today. As I have spent most of my day behind the old computer screen… including most of my lunch. I thought that I would use an instant message conversation about how “RAD” my friends and I are as my inspiration today.

By the way if you were interested, we’re in the 96th percentile of Raddness which is only slightly under people who make bendy straws, and circus people (who I imagine, have the most fun.) Isabel had this brilliant idea of us combining our careers to make something truly wonderful. So I put Isabel’s dream into my brain waves, and combined it with my love of 1980s/1990s pop culture… Which led my brain files to open the Captain Planet folder… So without further ado, I bring to you the coolest collection of Planeteers in Southern California:

And if we combined food, science and architecture… we wouldn’t get a weird guy with Green Hair and a tankini. I imagine we would come up with one of the fanciest most scientific, and archtiecturally significant Smoothie places on the planet:

And that people from around the world would show up for a truly magical smoothie experience. It would be like the apple store of smoothie places. Fancy business people would buy our deluxe smoothies! Giggly Teens would buy our smoothies! People with scarves would drink our smoothies! I don’t know if anything gets better than that.

I’m going to go start our Mission Statement… I think it has to have “through the science of delicious taste” somewhere in it…


Into the Light of AWESOME

Today I made a post. And then I looked back at it and it was not the kind of post this Lauren wants to make. It was in fact such a downer, I am not going to post it at all. But I’m still going to tell you the meat of the issue (that is one gross term isn’t it?)

It was about someone I don’t like. I feel like I’ve mentioned it so many times, I’m blue in the face…. I think I’m done with it.

Cue the applause from my friends who have had to hear about it for years. Yes, I think I’m done. I have come to notice lately that this one particular person who super doesn’t like me… also doesn’t really mean a hill of beans to me either. And although I dislike having to interact with them, what can I really do about it? I would prefer she leave my bubble of existence, but it’s not going to happen. So I’m going to grin and bear it.

I feel the best way I can make this analysis is by saying this person is like a zit on picture day. They show up out of nowhere and try ruin my day, but then I remember I can always Photoshop it away!

Now, I’m not a saint or anything, I’m really just trying here. And I can accept this certain person and I both have flaws. I am here to say one of mine is not being crazy about her, but still I’m nice enough to not want to let her bring me down. I still think her dislike of me is unfounded, because I’m not as unscrupulous as her insecurities, or more so her jealousies would have her think.

I’m just a girl with a pink polka dot shirt, and a smile after all.

And that is how I’m going to stay. I would like to take this time to tell you I am going to lead myself away from the “Darkness of Suck” and into the “Light of Awesome.”

So with that thought I leave you this really bad rendition of Liberty Leading the People by Eugène Delacroix:

I call it "Les Mustachless"

I’m Outie. I’m going to go be giggly somewhere.


The Old Yam & Knife

There are some certain truths on the internet.

You can always get that thing you want cheaper on Amazon. You can lose your day on Reddit. You can listen to the most Coldplay ever on Pandora. You can play bubble shooter as long as your clicking hands allow you… And, you will eventually get a letter from a Nigerian Prince asking you for money.

Last week Christine ran into this predicament. Her father/head of the best dip company in the world, received a suspicious email which he then forwarded to her. The email went on about her accounting not being correct and she owed money to A Federation in Nigeria and they of course need all her banking information to fix this correction. Christine did not believe this (obviously), but she found the email a swift treasure that was sure to make us giggle with reckless abandon.

Onward to the giggles!

The person who emailed her Dr. Ahmed Salami, to be precise (seriously?!?) Informed her he was “Auditor-General of the Federation that has the yam and knife on this issue at the moment.” Christine’s response, first laughter, then a flashback to her undergrad days as an Anthropology student… My response, unbridled laughter and then this:


I implore everyone to go out into the world and take what you need by the yam and knife!

P.S. Don’t ever believe Dr. Salami, I think he may not be a real doctor…


What I did this weekend!

My sister got married this last Saturday and I have to tell you it was incredibly awesome. The weather cleared before her ceremony, the day went on without a hitch. We giggled in incredible amount. I caught one of those bouquets she threw.  So I guess that means I’m getting married. Someone should tell Jon Hamm as I choose him to marry in sound mind.

And of course, she looked amazing! And since she is not a fan of me posting pictures of her online (I am beginning to believe she is an international Jewel thief), I have decided to show this one of the back of her dress:

You can tell from the back of her dress how amazing she looked!

What I can share about what I have learned about weddings is that they are a lot of work, A LOT OF WORK! But when you love the couple it is more than incredibly worth it. I have never worked so much at a party ever, also I had a police escort to her room with the Dollar Dance moola. And I must give another thank you to Christine, who was a guest that didn’t mind to help me!

Thanks for helping me work my sister's wedding. And dancing to Pitbull with reckless abandon. Also for not getting lost with how many people at this wedding were named Christine...

I would like to share my rating of my sister’s wedding; 2 awesome thumbs up and 1 great winky face to my sister. I hope you are bonkers happy for all eternity!

Forever your girl,


P.S. Word to my brother, it was an honor to see you dance to “Sexy & I know it” has changed my life. And in the future will totally traumatize both of your children. Rock on Tony!

Happy Best Friend Day!

Today I found out possibly one of the best things ever. It is Best Friends Day!

A special day created just to celebrate the awesomeness of your bestie! Now, I am a lucky girl because I have tons of super best friends… and well some so-so acquaintances (but today isn’t about them!) … and TWO fantastic best friends!

And since today is about the creme de la creme of friendship, I would like to thank them for participating in 11 years of good times with me.

This has included (but is not limited to) countless trips to Disneyland, sitting in the big booth at BJ’s, weeks straight of giggling (cumulative), being banned from DJ Pizza Lunches, creepy/weird teachers, concerts that were awesome, being attacked by kittens while sleeping,  4 years of Catholic school uniforms, taking photos with strangers, watching the entire first season of Jem to see 1 scene, buying promise headbands, and One scary movie night (which is not necessarily the night that we watched ‘Centerstage” after grad-night.)

Without you two my three-ring circus would just be one ringed, I would be the lone musketeer, the last of the blind mice, that one really bored Bronte sister.


Weird and wonderful things come in three’s, don’t they?


Churro Queen

I don’t want to ruin anyone’s dreams here (Sorry, Christine), but there is a new Benevolent Queen of Churro’s in town… and that girl is me.

After very little deliberation my Office decided I shall be the Churro Queen.

I got a beautiful sash, a bouquet of Churros, and all the scholarship money ($.75) associated with the title.

With my victory in mind I release the following statement:
I promise to keep the office of Churro Royalty steadfast and true, and I solemnly vow that no churro will get left behind.

But I would also like to add that I am only the Churro Queen of Glendora… I think Eagle Rock, Pasadena and Duarte have separate and equal Churro Queen Titles. And they are up for grabs… But I will bring it during the Miss Churro Universe circuit, girl.

Have a churro-rific weekend people!

♫Lauren, The Queen of Churros

Things for all the Time: An Inflatable Fiend

Today I am not near a computer as I traveled up to Montana for non-professional reasons.

So with a little bit of internet magic I bring to you today’s very special edition of things from a Halloween Store I need for all the time.

An 8′ tall inflatable Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from “Ghostbusters”

I had no idea that my life was so incomplete without a blow up version of a thing I loved when I was a kid. I mean, think of all the magic that my life could have been full of. It just makes me want to sit down drink some Ecto Cooler and watch Punky Brewster with the freaking thing.

Anyone got $140 to spare so my dreams can be alive?