A well known fact about me is I am a big fan of people named Jen.

If not known to you.  I can indeed verify that this is very true. Under my work blouse I have a shirt that says “Go Jen!” pretty much every day.

Just as true, and slightly off subject my first cat was named Jenny. She was gray and stripey.

But not all the Jen’s I know are gray and stripey.

Some of them are just fabulous people, I have encountered in this big old world.

One of these Jen’s is a craft-inspiring, whimsical, imaginative, brain twin of mine. She not only is the magical creator of this website she has not updated in a while, but she also makes fancy jam. (disclaimer: I can say nothing about updating blogs because well I have not updated this sucker is a bit.) I however, am just lazy… Jen has a reason, she is working on a very big project.

She’s having a baby!

And I have been thinking about her on and off this week, because it’s nearly time that she is going to bring her baby to the world.

And I thought I should send her a hello… But, it just didn’t seem special enough. So, a hello with a doodle will have to do.


Jen, I hope everything is going fantastic! Also, I am not a great face-booker… I should send you hello’s and such so much more often. Anyways enough with that and well…. Congratulations! You are going to be the best mom ever, and your impending little boy is just the luckiest duck.

Wishing you so much joy and happiness! Also I can’t wait to see all the crafty fun things you will make for him in the future!


Pump up the Jamz w/ Jen

Good Afternoon Internet!
I think I have killed the hearts of millions with my Rachel observations. And so I want to spend today sharing some love… internet style.

I have really great readers! And people, I adore them so much I would totally be a character witness for if they ever ended up in the nice clink… one of those people is the fabulous Jen of The Modern Women’s Society.

I found her several moons ago and love her sites combination of photography, food that makes me want to fly to Australia to eat it, and her adorable and nearly identical to my thoughts on pop culture!

Now I have made a few doodles about her which I haven’t posted because they didn’t encompass the straight up gangster that she really is. But this doodle, I think encompasses both her badassness, fabulous fashions, winning personality, and the ability to bust a cap (of homemade jam) on you:

Happy Wednesday or Thursday or whatever day it is already on the other side of the world Jen! Thank you for being fabulous. And anyone who hasn’t… visited her site, it could change your life!

The Snail Mail of Joy!

A few moons ago I made a fun and funky fresh doodle of Jen from one of the best blogs ever Sips of Jen and Tonic, because she had inspired a new dream for me. Apparently when Jen saw her doodle it filled her days with joy and raptors:

The doodle actually changed her life in a “Amelie” like way. And through a series of events dispensing her own variety of justice, and dancing through the lush forests of Oregon with a gnome she lovingly calls Giuseppe. Jen decided to spread her new found doodle related joy by sending a little bit of her Tonic splendor down to this very Lauren, in the South of California.

So this little letter filled with ultimate happiness slid all the way down El Camino Real, and and landed at the right foot of my mailman. So excited that he wasn’t just delivering magazines and petsmart coupons, my mailman was on a divine quest to send a rare actual piece of mail. After standing tall with the letter in his hand he exclaimed to the sky, “Lauren needs this immediately” and waited until I got home to hand me this little friend:

And I was so excited, because that envelope was full of presents… and Lauren’s ♥ Presents!:

I felt like a child on the morning of Christmas, except this was an UNEXPECTED CHRISTMAS! So I decided to (jon) hamm it up with my new prize:

And to following my childish joy I decided to make like a teen show starring Ben Savage, and Introduce “Jen to the World”. So I showed her off to the fake Chicago in my room:

And then I tried to introduce her to my Norton the cat, but… He was very busy doing cat things:

You know how cats are. So I send you a doodle thanks for totally making my day:

And yes friendship to me means matching sailor outfits…

♥ & lollipops,