Nancy’s Tang-a-langing Birthday

Okay I’m going to admit something. There is nothing more that I like than celebrating things that just exude happiness. And one of those things is Birthdays! No matter how old you are, it’s just a really good time to be appreciated by your loved ones. And I really like that I get a day to make my friends feel as special as they really are to me.

I am so sorry that this post is late. But, I finally got this drawing colored and I still want to make this post super special.

Nancy Tang is one of the coolest people that has ever been in my life. There is something really quite magical about her ability to try everything (and be quite good at it.) There is no sport, or game, or challenge that she hasn’t faced without giving her all. She also has this incredible energy around her that makes you feel like you can accomplish anything, if she believes you can. And I have benefited from that several times. Not limited to the most stressful game of charades that we played this weekend. A pep talk from Tang could get you to run for President… and depending on a few swing states… you could most possibly win.

The best thing about Nancy is that she is the kind of person who you can become inseparable with, and can talk about anything with… and at different times in our 7 year friendship we both definitely have. It’s like having your own personal cast of Golden Girls, but only like 1 other person.

Another lovely thing about being with Nancy is… there is always dessert. Whether it’s deliciously crafted cake… or even home made cupcakes… there is always a sweet time when you are with her. And this leads into the doodle…

Happy Birthday Nancy… have the best 31st year that you can possibly have!

Happy Birthday Nancy Tang! Thank you for being a friend!

Also this year we will master the red velvet cupcake! And we will go to at least 2 super fun concerts. I totally promise.


The Fashion Statement

Yesterday I went shopping with my homegirl, Nancy.


We decided to traipse into Forever 21, even though neither of us are 21. But, hey I have a giftcard. And they usually have clothing for poor young professionals scattered about their store… but not yesterday.

Yesterday was different…We didn’t understand anything that store had going on…

We passed racks, displays, and even footwear before pondering a very important question… When did we become this old? Why were all the clothes so unpurchaseable?

Neon pink baseball caps with fancy flowers on it?

I want to meet the 16 year old who wants to wear this. Just call me Blossom!

Jean backpacks for purses with neon pink trim?

I had this as a kid… it was even ugly then.

Oxford shirts cut into mullet shirts?

Dresses cut into mullet dresses?

Decorative leopard bras as clothes?

Shirts that said “Never trust a cowboy”? (Really, what have cowboys done to us? And in Los Angeles, how often do you encounter them enough to not trust them?)

And everything else is completely transparent, and says “Beverly Hills” on it.

What the what, Forever 21?!? I know I’m 27, but when did people decide to dress like my 1990s Hawaiian barbie?

This is my Tuesday meeting outfit… don’t ask what kind of clients I’m meeting with…

I just can’t fathom I would feel comfy like this! So, I spent half my gift card on some jewelry and some sunglasses. And well I think glasses are supposed to be see-through in parts so I’m doing okay!

I am just going to say remember when all the clothes were heavily Mad Men Inspired? Yeah I was down with that.

Until then I can draw Nancy wearing all the clothes she passed up yesterday:

It’s like so many layers… but still completely breezy!


The Good, the Bad, and the Giggly

I know weekend posts are not usually my style. But I feel like typing and drawing… So my style is changed for right now.

And there is one thing I have to share before the year is over. And it’s so important that everyone know:

Bwa na-na na-na. Bwa ha-ha he-he.

When I found this out I promised myself to doodle it because everyone should have something silly that makes them burst into laughter… and we should totally celebrate it. The fact that she nearly passed out due to the lack of oxygen in her body from the laughter… now that was dangerous. If you are brave, please give the themesong from “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” a try… maybe you will think its a bit funny too:

I hope there is something in your life that makes you laugh this hard. Personally almost everything makes me burst into laughter. Right now the near mention of “Velociraptors” is making me giggle like nobody’s business. Have a giggly Sunday.


Halloween Greetings

Happy Halloween everybody!

I am a usual merrymaker so I of course love a holiday where I can dress like a superhero and eat candy until I pass out.  Also I’m a big dork who still likes to dress up and pile her hair until I feel like I can rival the natural glow of a young brunette Dolly Parton. Earlier in the Halloween season I went around with my good friend Nancy and we dressed up as everyday people:

Here we are dressed as Pinup Wonder Woman and the World’s sexiest Fire Fighter. Our everyday heroes.

Tonight I find myself dressed like the world’s shortest amazon, yep I finally had no excuse to reveal my real identity of Wonder Woman. Not a surprise to my readers as I already shared earlier this year that my work has practically made me a Wonder Woman.

And since I went out on Friday and Saturday, let’s just be honest… I am a little too lazy to go out on a Wednesday. Especially because one of these days… I’m going to get to work on time. So I got to have the joy of passing out candy to tiny children dressed like a rainbow of princesses and a myriad of video game/cartoon characters. They were adorable, and yes I was judging children on their manners.  I was thrilled when a this one Red Riding Hood told me to “have a lovely holiday.” I was quite taken with her, she was top on the list of what I hope my children do someday in the future, you know when I get around to baby-ing. And quite candidly I was totally shocked by a little boy who was dressed like Woody from Toy Story wanted to give up his life with his parents and move in with me. Frankly, I have a feeling his parents need to worry about how much he liked a girl in red lipstick and big hair giving him candy. He just walked into my house like he belonged there, his mother said “I think you have a friend.” And I nearly took him to watch the episode of 30 rock that was rolling on my tv. I mean I was running out of time for all this trick or treating stuff…. Tina Fey was all up on my television being fey-licious.

And oh yes, let’s get to the doodle. Now that we discussed the reverse kidnapping, and future child manners that happened earlier tonight…

Remember if you get into any sexy mishaps… we’re there on the double to rescue you from dangerous sexy things. That is quite possibly the worst slogan ever.


I hope that you find yourself out in the world tonight having fun and enjoying the holiday of mischief and merrymaking. But don’t stop tonight… tomorrow looks great for mischief too.


My Cupcake Caper

I realized my joy is getting braggy. And I’m not going to unpack the brag bags… because that is annoying. And my Inner Pam Beesly told me “Take it down a notch, the world knows about your joy.”

So I took a cue at not to make myself a real life Mary Sue, and to look at my sketchbook and pull a drawing from my archives that I already should have shared. (Hehe, I have archives!) A few months ago I was not feeling the joy, and much like the friendship of Turk and J.D. from “Scrubs” my Lady Turk counterpart (Nancy) told me to drag my booty to her house to experience the “WORLD’S GIRLIEST WEEKEND”. And we did, we watched teen movies until we passed out, we ate fancy hamburgers, we made crafts, we packed goodie bags for children, we went as lady dates to a wedding…







red velvet cupcakes…

from scratch.

Being our first go of making red velvet cupcakes from scratch we pulled out the recipes, and not wanting to risk making a horrible huge batch Nancy decided to cut the recipe… in 4s. And most impressively she had all the math all figured out, but that wasn’t the difficult part. The most difficult thing  was attempting to mix .375 teaspoons of baking soda with a 1/2 an egg. But we were in it. We were committed. Everything was going on the good side of moderately strange until I had to add the red dye to the mixer…and like most things that were happening to me at that time, the mixer decided to stage a mutiny, and it exploded in my face, and hands and all actually over my person.

My face was red… with more than embarrassment.

However the cupcakes were then baked and finished… and were fabulous except for 2 small flaws…

1. They were burgundy and pink, like a weird steak.

2. They were crunchy on the top.

We covered that stuff up with frosting like crazy! So we may not be opening that cupcake shop like the “2 Broke Girls” afterall: