Having a “Wonder”ful day at work

Work has been really quite busy as of late.

My boss thinks I know enough stuff to manage my own projects which is very different from the view of architecture I usually have… which is in essence draw and print.

I have in the last few weeks been learning the differences and backing capabilities of carpet…  experiencing meetings about wall hung toilets and drain pipes, answering engineers questions, measuring trelli (that is my plural of trellis, because I’m not a fan of the word trellises).

Also today I had to tell a client that we’re running late on his new project because he keeps making changes to his old projects. In essence he back-burner-ed himself.

As you can tell, I’m basically experiencing the most exciting thing architecture really has to offer you… which is work.

However all this work has seriously made me want to make changes to my business cards:


On my break today I will be making a cuffs and a crown…


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