Nancy’s Tang-a-langing Birthday

Okay I’m going to admit something. There is nothing more that I like than celebrating things that just exude happiness. And one of those things is Birthdays! No matter how old you are, it’s just a really good time to be appreciated by your loved ones. And I really like that I get a day to make my friends feel as special as they really are to me.

I am so sorry that this post is late. But, I finally got this drawing colored and I still want to make this post super special.

Nancy Tang is one of the coolest people that has ever been in my life. There is something really quite magical about her ability to try everything (and be quite good at it.) There is no sport, or game, or challenge that she hasn’t faced without giving her all. She also has this incredible energy around her that makes you feel like you can accomplish anything, if she believes you can. And I have benefited from that several times. Not limited to the most stressful game of charades that we played this weekend. A pep talk from Tang could get you to run for President… and depending on a few swing states… you could most possibly win.

The best thing about Nancy is that she is the kind of person who you can become inseparable with, and can talk about anything with… and at different times in our 7 year friendship we both definitely have. It’s like having your own personal cast of Golden Girls, but only like 1 other person.

Another lovely thing about being with Nancy is… there is always dessert. Whether it’s deliciously crafted cake… or even home made cupcakes… there is always a sweet time when you are with her. And this leads into the doodle…

Happy Birthday Nancy… have the best 31st year that you can possibly have!

Happy Birthday Nancy Tang! Thank you for being a friend!

Also this year we will master the red velvet cupcake! And we will go to at least 2 super fun concerts. I totally promise.


3 thoughts on “Nancy’s Tang-a-langing Birthday

    1. She is, I think we could start the cast of the golden girls with you, Nancy and this Lauren right over here. You can pick anyone to be that you want I’m partial to Sofia and Rose ;)

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