Cotton Candy & Adrenaline

I could share with you how I’ve been really cranky. Or how I feel super anxious. Or how I feel utterly stuck in the San Gabriel Valley. But I’m over it, I’m not doing myself any good feeling sorry for myself.

However when I was feeling down I drew this:

And I think that being in a circus could be exciting. I have a feeling I would get a lot more exercise in a circus… versus being in a cubicle 8 hours a day. I could wear really fun outfits… I could guess people’s weight. Possibly jump through actual hoops. I could learn to throw knives, and even walk a tightrope… (which I technically do in an office setting all day anyways… just in a Circus, I think it’s more literal.) Professional Eric does not approve of my circus dream. I think this is because it does not involve computers or mass emails…

I just realized I’m not really good at being down for long. Next time I’m feeling kind of bummed I’m just going to think of riding an elephant in a bedazzled outfit,  while eating cotton candy… or listen to the Cure.


Professional Quote of the Day: February 17th

Welcome to the Professional Quote of the Day! This is where the internet gets real Professional!

Today Eric (the most treasured Professional in the San Gabriel Valley) got very reflective. And that has nothing to do with his pants that are made of solar panels (which are made up, but I think he’d wear them).

He’s was having one of those moments when he thinking about his place in the world, and his future as a professional. It got very deep, there were a few tears, some resolutions made… and oh yes, about 3 slices of chocolate cake.

But all that led him to this quote, Today’s Professional Quote of the Day:

And then when asked if there was an end to striving for professionalism he said this:

Fun Fact: The Pursuit of Professionalism just goes on and on like the Titanic theme!

Yeah I know that’s technically 2 quotes, but they will be on the test*!


*And they very well could be as he is a Professional Professor  too! He actually will take any job that has “pro” in the title.

Professional Quote of the Day: February 2nd

There are some days in the office where you are so busy drawing details of ceilings, and learning the difference between broadloom carpets and woven carpets that you think nothing really exciting can happen.

And then like a bolt of lightning from Zeus himself, a professional bursts from his cubicle to help out on an impromptu conference call and saves the day from a certain lack of clarity.

Today Professional Eric proved he was the most professional of them all, when he leaped from his chair mid-email to an engineer, to help said engineer on the phone. Thusly saving him from falling into a grand abyss of confusion.

And then I got to quote this:


February 2nd, is truly a day that will go down in professional history.


Robot Toast

A few days ago, I was feeling a bit giggly…

I was telling Professional Eric that I had the new best idea. It could make millions of dollars, it could bring world peace, it could save us from losing calcium in our bones!

Yes everyone, I’m talking about a Mrs. Doubtfire robot that makes you toast… and speaks in the voice of Robin Williams. For some reason Eric did not agree with my desire to have one of these machines, as obviously he could not handle the way it will change the world as we know it.

I think I just need to show my designs to the right people… and we will never again suffer the indignity of warming our own breads.

However if you don’t accept the toast… it will throw fruit at you. So remember always say yes to toast!


Introducing: Seductive Maple Tree

Did you know that sometimes I like to tease my friends?

True story. Sometimes I pretend they are in love with high-profile celebrities. Sometimes I use their own words against them. Sometimes, I like to make up countries and non-hostile Canadian takeovers to make my point.

Created to be a Southern Canadian Alternative* to Provocative Cactus (*When Canada non-hostile style takes over Mexico, and re-names the land South Canada) I bring to you Seductive Maple Tree:

Doesn’t her red leaf boa flip your lid? How about her come-hither stare? She is truly a beacon of hope for a nation! She is practically like the new lady liberty. She brings Mounties, and syrup to you Mexico!

* EDITORS NOTE: I acknowledge that this post makes me seem totally insane, but what can you do? If South Canada ever becomes a thing though, I will totally be a prophet.

Also, this is how I think the map will work out:


The Mostly Sunny/ Partly Cloudy Conundrum

I just checked my phone for the weather.

It responded “72 degrees and mostly sunny.”

This made me laugh because I just tricked Amber into the half full/half empty game. She said my drink was half empty. There is nothing wrong with thinking a drink is half empty. It leads to hilarious results, like causing her to think every time Professional Eric cracks his neck that he’s going to burst an artery and die… but I digress.

This leads me to my current brain query. Where is this line we create to differentiate things like… is the drink really half gone or like my response “still pretty liquidy in there”? Will my phone ever tell me that it’s not longer mostly sunny, and is in fact partly cloudy? What is the difference between yellow-green and green-yellow? When will I go from moderately wanting to hit someone with my car to rolling over them?

The mind is a mystical thing.

I’m going to go contemplate life now… and draw some bathroom details.


Professional Quote of the Day: December 15th

Good Afternoon Professional Quote of the Day Fans!

It’s time that time of the year to start…. getting more professional. And to get others into the professional spirit.

While gallantly trying to save my work computer from the virus filled world buzz feed created on it a few weeks ago. Eric had to call a few companies about the softest wares on my computer, and all their proper installations. When discussing my ability to make and use spread sheets he said today’s dandy professional quote.

And since I have no Photoshop to manipulate this event…  I then collected the quote in a tiny mason jar tied it to 14 balloons, and sent it into the mountain air, and this is what the mountain returned to me.

Photoshop, 2012 will be our year…


Professional Quote Of the Day: December 12th

It’s that magical time of the day where I need to quote my ever so professional co-worker. Sadly, the Professional Quote of the Day has not been in daily observance due to the importance of the Isabel Stare-A-thon 2011.

Frankly, I cannot take my eyes off of my periscope pointed San Diego way to get a steady flow of professional quotes a happening this holiday season.

But today is different. Today is a quote I have been saving for a special occasion, and this cold rainy afternoon is that very occasion. So without further ado I present to you a Professional Christmas Quote:

Don’t you love the joy of Eric’s professional words in glittery Christmas text?

Now, lets all get back to staring at Isabel!


Professional Quote of the Day: December 2nd

It has been far too long PQOTD’rs!

I bring to you a new chapter in the PQOTD…  Professional Quote of the Day: Holiday Edition. From now until the Merry End of the Year you can share professional tidings with the most treasured and yultidy Professional in the San Gabriel Valley…

Onto a Christmas Season full of gold, frankincense,and Professional Quotes!

Have yourself a merry little Quotmas!