Isabel Stare-A-thon 2012: Exponential THON

Today is the final day of staring, glaring and gazing at the one and only Isabel.

Since I have not been as up to date this year on my staring logs. I have decided the best way to share how much staring at Isabel means to our office. Cue the romantic music.

The guys in the office are really into the whole event:

It’s been really hard to get work done in the office because people cannot literally look away from the live Isabel feed on the computer. The professional loves that the stare-a-thon can be integrated into his cubicle time:

And then there is Jonathon… our new coworker:

Jonathon preparing to stare

Has not only caught the staring bug:

But he also made this years staring slogan:

Yes, I work with some really weird dudes. And well, they could be doing worse things than staring. So as long as the star-a-thon is on we’re all safe… wait, it’s over.

Happy Stare-a-thon Isabel!

2012 Isabel Stare-a-thon, out.


Sprinkler dreams and Prank Nightmares

Today at lady lunch (a lunch consisting of just Amber and me) I was talking to the waitress. And let’s just be honest, she’s our favorite in the history of ladies who bring us food. So I was telling her it’s been such a long work week. She told me “It’s only Tuesday.” And I responded “still being haunted from last week.”

And boy am I.

I pulled a little tiny harmless baby prank last week, and it did not go over well. I have a certain coworker who is now mad at me because he may have been made the background of our office laptop with a slogan about his *ahem* professionalism, and it may have even been this picture (which makes a stunning background, btw)… and fancy people may have seen it, even though he was supposed to be using it to measure a building… and not showing the computer about to people. *throat clearing sound* I mean was that really that bad? I would have joked the embarrassment away personally… *mmm hmmm*

Well, there isn’t a super lot I can do about that right now… but I can segue into a better subject with the help of my good friend the ellipsis…

…The weather is changing like crazy here, which is also something I have no control over. In California the fall can be incredibly hot, and then incredibly cold. Today is a mildly warm day and because I have been cramped in a cubicle for so long… I have a dream to get home, turn on the sprinklers… and then run like hell through those sprinklers:

And while I dash through that sprinkler I will listen to this song, and not melt the night away:

♫Lauren (the lady version of Jim Halpert)

Work Diary: May 24th

Today has been a busy day at work. Really really busy. It’s a day that will go down in history as “pretty darn busy.” It was also the kind of day that separates professionals from the… not professionals.

And let me be the first to tell you… I’m on the professional side.

Everything now makes so much more sense. The files seem much fuller, the text more encrypted than even before. Pixels more squarer than they have ever been… The codes for LA County crisp, as a magnificent apple in my mind.

If I were like a zany professional teen, I would write this down in my hello kitty diary quicker than anything ever before, but I’m too sophisticated for that… I have the power of doodles:

And everyone take note that it was a CC:’d email, not a BCC:’d email so it was no secret!

♥ & breifcases,

A Professional Hybrid

There have been some new crazes happening all over this office. Amber and I have new eyeglass prescriptions! I’ve become addicted to grilled shrimp salads at the restaurant next door to us! And Dab and the Professional have become obsessed with paintball!

They talk about it, buy fancy equipment, make secret handshakes about it, and go to special meetings.. maybe I exaggerated on the last two parts… but, then again maybe I didn’t…

Anyways Eric being the true professional he is is trying to combine his new hobby with his current echelon of professionalism. Basically he wants to be the James bond of the paintball world. He wants to be a Professional with a license to… paint? Or a paintballer with a clear future in the professional arts? I’m not sure, but here he is living the dream:

Also I hope our next renderings involve him creating drawings with different colors of paintball paint… I have a new dream happening in my noggin now.


You Are So Professional to Meeeeeeeeeeee

Today I felt inspired by a coworker to get down with my inner Weird Al. I was going to take a song from popular culture and craft it to fill the void in this simple office environment.

I feel now like I’m in front of a crowd of fans on a smoky stage. I am crafting words into a precise moment. Capturing it and sharing it with the good people of the world. Now let me break it down to you those lyrics are to the Joe Cocker song “You are so Beautiful”. And that coworker… is the most professional one out there.

I’m sure he’d tell me not to post this because it will get him in trouble with other professionals out there, or some ladies or something. But, I cannot oblige in this must be shared because you Eric… are so Professional to me.

I can’t even make it to the end of the song without crying on my binder clips.

♫ He’s so proficient…. To me
He completed all his deadlines…. he even had TIIIIMMEEE to PROOFREEEEEAD”♫

I have a feeling that Eric will not be amused by this, in fact when he sees this post I’m pretty sure this is going to be his reaction:

He may not be amused. But *tear tear* he’s so Professional (*tear) to meeeeeee


Unexpected Meatloaf

Today’s doodle is a part of the great things I have written down series. So the following may be a little weird:

Sometimes I let my mind wander… and it comes up with slightly off stories that make complete sense to me. Like, “unexpected meatloaf”. You could just imagine it… walking into a church and it’s pews being made of meatloaf, or winning a brand new car and finding out its really just car shaped meatloaf, or going to the County Fair and seeing the “Tunnel of Loaf”.

I think you get the idea.

Here is the doodle that sprung from this thought:

But really we shouldn’t stop there…Since this meatloaf was unexpected… what would have been my original intentions to go to a well. What would I need that water for? What if I was getting that water to make a refreshing drink and all I got was meatloaf?

When life hands you meatloaf:

And then my mind wandered to who would drink this concoction? Who do I know that likes both meatloaf and lemonade mixed drinks this much? Oh yes the only person who would drink meatloaf lemonade, the Professional:

This is so loafy!

And that is my brain thought for today, and also this is a really clear explanation of why my note taking for future doodles doesn’t always make sense.

♥ and Lollipops,

The Grouchy Professional

So today I was being very good in the office, working on all the right things, saving and cross referencing all that I have to do… basically being an angel, okay. And then a certain coworker that I may have made into a meme comes on in, and is not so chipper. Being that I rode into work today on a unicorn of cheerfulness and good tidings. I thought I could do a little Lauren-y humor with him. And then I found out that much like a children’s story about a cantankerous coccinellidae I need to make an allegorical story about being grumpy… that brings me to today’s doodle. BTW this is not specific in anyway or is about any one of my coworkers:

or maybe it is.

The moral of the story is don’t be grumpy with the girl who knows Photoshop.

So everyone else out there in the big old internet, I hope you are having a lovely day. And if not… just make sure you don’t peeve a girl who can make a doodle of you in 30 seconds flat.

P to the S: He’s not so grumpy now that he’s full of the lunch. But still the doodle is done… if you know what I mean.

Professional Quote of the Day: April 5th

Hello There Professional Quote Enthusiasts!
The time has come to stack up our files, briefly defragment our hard drives and listen to the pearls of professional wisdom only Professional Eric could share.

Today at work there was a discussion about our company and it’s professional standing. Which by the way, our company is practically an architectural Yeti… no one know about us, and we have fabulous hair. As anyone could imagine, Eric was all over this conversation… because he likes to get down with verbal professionalism.

There was talk about newer products we could use, ideas of being more efficient, social media,a guy dressed like a small historic building waving a sign in the streets… And then Eric said the following statement that changed the office as we know it, and propelled him into Jack Donaghy professional territory:

He informed our boss man that has an office revitalization plan under glass at his desk… So, basically he’s going to change our little office into the 6 million dollar man, or into a car microwave… Either would be good.

We have the technology! We can make it better than it was before! Better, stronger, faster.


Professional Quote of the Day: March 14th

Good Afternoon Professional quote enthusiasts! Today I ‘m going to take a break from doodling, and return to quoting the San Gabriel Valley’s most Treasured professional…

I have a feeling the moon is in it’s professional sector, because Professional Eric is on professional overdrive! Checking other people’s voicemail messages, saving the conference call, handling people who are selling us architectural services. Eric is on top of all of that…

And, extra bonus now that he’s into watching “Mad Men”… he’s also into professional fashion:

And a man who wears a Double Windsor, is all aces in Professional Eric’s Rolodex. Actually he doesn’t discriminate against ties, but the are mandatory if you want to get professional with him.

What a nice segway into this old photoshop I made:

Have a Professional Day!

♫Lauren (I think my cold is really affecting my brain…)