I have been seeing some weird clothes lately.

Like really really weird clothes.

And although I believe people have the right to express themselves in many ways, maybe work isn’t the best platform for this.

Now that I work in a more fashion forward business, I have noticed that the clothing too is much more “fashion forward” too.

  • Men Dressed like Duckie from “Pretty in Pink.” Check.
  • Women dressed in lace see-through leotards, with a black bra and business pants. It is like Lady Gaga went corporate.
  • A girl who wears rompers made for 3 year olds– her butt has been seen by all! And this has also inspired me to wipe down the seat in the cafeteria anytime I sit there. No, I don’t want to sit there.
  • Women wearing swimsuit tops with mesh shirts over them. Is my shirt see through enough?
  • And that girl who is trying to make wearing a tarp with unlaced combat boots happen. How does she make it up the stairs? I barely make it up the stairs in flats!
  • And my favorite… the petite man who dresses like a 1990s gangster rapper. Including tied bandanna, It’s like I get to see the dantiest Tupac that could ever exist.

Tomorrow I hope that I see someone dressed like a flamingo or like a contestant on RuPaul’s Drag Race. In fact, I’m pretty sure of it.



Utility clothes

Today I want to share with you my most versatile present given to me this Christmas.

The pajamas my mother bought me.

You may say… Have you given up on life? How are pajamas the most versatile thing given to a girl who seldom wears pants and is usually coated in jewelry?

Well… Let me tell you. They are roughly 3 sizes larger than  I usually wear. And I can comfortably fit 2 cats in them with me…

So basically now I have clothes that I can fit roughly 20 lbs of additional animal, and at least 1 cooler loaded to the brim with Dr. Pepper and protein bars.

While running around the house stuffing assorted pillows, animals, and pottery in there with me I realized they could provide me with a new type of lifestyle:

And we could all live in there in peace and harmony!

I can now camp across America in a very delightful way… the only thing is I need pajamas that are meant to fit on just a person too.

And don’t for one second think that I didn’t want to call friends and make a blanket fort town with this as it’s foundation.

Troy and Abed of Community in possibly the one size larger pajama set. Image coutesy of Community Wiki.


The Fashion Statement

Yesterday I went shopping with my homegirl, Nancy.


We decided to traipse into Forever 21, even though neither of us are 21. But, hey I have a giftcard. And they usually have clothing for poor young professionals scattered about their store… but not yesterday.

Yesterday was different…We didn’t understand anything that store had going on…

We passed racks, displays, and even footwear before pondering a very important question… When did we become this old? Why were all the clothes so unpurchaseable?

Neon pink baseball caps with fancy flowers on it?

I want to meet the 16 year old who wants to wear this. Just call me Blossom!

Jean backpacks for purses with neon pink trim?

I had this as a kid… it was even ugly then.

Oxford shirts cut into mullet shirts?

Dresses cut into mullet dresses?

Decorative leopard bras as clothes?

Shirts that said “Never trust a cowboy”? (Really, what have cowboys done to us? And in Los Angeles, how often do you encounter them enough to not trust them?)

And everything else is completely transparent, and says “Beverly Hills” on it.

What the what, Forever 21?!? I know I’m 27, but when did people decide to dress like my 1990s Hawaiian barbie?

This is my Tuesday meeting outfit… don’t ask what kind of clients I’m meeting with…

I just can’t fathom I would feel comfy like this! So, I spent half my gift card on some jewelry and some sunglasses. And well I think glasses are supposed to be see-through in parts so I’m doing okay!

I am just going to say remember when all the clothes were heavily Mad Men Inspired? Yeah I was down with that.

Until then I can draw Nancy wearing all the clothes she passed up yesterday:

It’s like so many layers… but still completely breezy!


The Pajama Game

I’m going to make a confession.

It’s been kinds chilly at night so lately I have tried to make sure I go put on pajamas before I go to bed. In true California fashion I usually just tanky top and pajama shorts. But sometimes I have to pull out the real serious stuff…

It’s like having my own personal Christmas every evening.

I feel like I should be more ashamed of this but…. they are just so so comfy.


A little something for Thursday

I haven’t much to write today I’m kind of brain dead at work. The only thing I’m useful for today is singing WHAM! songs to people on the phone:

Me at work right now. (Image Courtesy of:

And I have no context for the following doodle except that it is very true:

I want this dress so bad… unfortunately I don’t have Salma Hayek-like connections.

I really wish I was dressed up more right now… except I thought it was going to rain so I wore pants instead of a really cute dress. I was told by someone who went outside that it did rain, and not to feel sad about my pants wearing day. But somehow I feel like I missed an opportunity to wear a dress big-time today.

I hope someone out there is living the dream for me.

Also this dress is hyper real and I would like it to wear to the grocery store and such.

And one more thing this silly little drawing is for people who thought yesterday’s post got a little too serious :)


Fashion Advice from Lauren

I totally promised that I would post a doodle tonight. And I will follow through.

I really have so much going on that taking a moment for a doodle was the best thing I have done this week. And if there is anything that I super care about besides doodles, Christmas, and boats and stuff… is fashion. I consider myself to be a pretty fashionable girl. Well I have personal style… Because most people don’t consider fashion being in your 20s and trying to dress like some That Girl, Mary Ann from Gilligan’s Island hybrid. I have always followed the creed of Madonna and express myself with my funky fresh threads and curly hair, so although I may not always be in fashion… I feel like a totally rad, really short, super model.

And just because I like the way I dress. I wouldn’t tell anyone to not wear something they love if they feel that it expresses their inner being. You want to wear that yellow leisure suit, go for it banana brother. You want to have permed bangs, rock them Lunch Lady Awesome. You want to dress like a 16th century nobleman, Feudalize yourself freaky dude. You rock your look until the sun comes up. There is just one thing  I ask in this world full of tie dye stretch pants to never ever wear:

They may hold your wallet and sunblock, and collection of shrinky dinks. But they make your junk sad.


The Duality of My Nature

Now some of you may know I’m kind of a girly girl. Like, a serious matching-jewelry-to-my-sweater-to-my-soul, kind of girl. Like, I skip on clouds made of cotton candy kind of girl. And this by the way is all true, my soul is bright orange and covered in flowers, and my the bottoms of my shoes are sticky.

However, even for a girly girl I have to have time out to just chill. And this is where I bring out on display my two polar opposite senses of style. Let me describe them a little for you.

1. My “I’m so fancy, and sparkly” look. This transcends all of my usual outfits that make me look like a sailor from a 1960s musical or Jenna Rink from “13 going on 30”. When I get fancy… it is ornate. There are fake eyelashes, diamond flaked mascara. There is serious fancy time hair. There are borrowed jewels. Basically you take me out for a fancy night… I’m going to show up looking like we’re going to the Academy Awards. (This is also probably why no one takes me to nice places, but why I’m tops on the bring a date list to company parties. Just in case you are wondering, I can clean up well, and I like appetizers.)

2. My “Liz Lemon having it all” outfits. This is when I’m comfortable, and it usually very shortly follows my “fancy” look. This is when I have no more patience for trying to look nice. This is that moment when your makeup is begging to be washed off. This coincides with the moment I can’t imagine living without my  pajama pants and a tank top. There is also sometimes a sweat shirt involved. And since I only own 1 sweatshirt there is a 100% chance that it is a “Montana Grizzlies” sweatshirt. And when I’m dressed like that my only accessories are my glasses, a blanket, and a remote control. Because when we have reached the point of “Liz Lemoning” I’m down for comfy times, and comfy times involve me eating cheesy snacks and being wrapped in a blanket as Vanellope Von Schweetz says in “Wreck-it Ralph”, “I wrap myself up like a little old homeless lady”.

Now I am sharing this story because The weekend of my birthday I went out with my BFF Christine. And I was fancy. I had decked my own halls, I was like a Christmas Tree prepared for a lighting ceremony. (It was my birthday, after all.) And then… then, I got back to her apartment and shed all my fanciness to reveal my plain old self. Now don’t get me wrong even plain Lauren is still sparkly… because I sparkle from the inside… I just well…

———————- 2 minute time break————————–

And the rest of the time I look like Mary Ann from Gilligan’s Island. And to those who think my styles are weird, I’m comfortable with every style I have, because it’s all in fun. True story.


Being sick and the Mystery Lady

I haven’t been making posts with incredible fervor because I have been straight up unable to sit, for about a week. But now that my leg and back have decided to take a chill pill, I can aptly share with you some of my observations about going to the doctor a lot and being in the streets during the time I am usually at work:
-I discovered I am unfamiliar with sunlight, I hardly see it from my windowless cubicle… but when you are being shuttled from doctor to doctor you see a lot of it. And it is very warm and bright. I had to take my sunglasses out of the case even!
– People who are driving about during the middle of the day are either in this incredible-the-world-is-on-fire rush to get where they are going… or will drive 20 mph on a 45mph street.
-Not one doctor I saw out of like 5 doctors got my sense of humor. Most did not appreciate me telling them my leg felt like a thousand knives were pulsing through my veins. Nor did they like me saying my back cramps were like my nerves going to a discothèque. And none of them liked me asking them if they wanted to sing Huey Lewis songs with me… imagine the possible duets!!!!

But there was something that really grabbed me last week when I was traveling about the San Gabriel Valley during my usual work hours…

There was this girl who completely captivated me and today’s doodle is all about that:

Also, this is why I never write in cursive :)

Tomorrow more doodles! And an it’s inspired by another blog! I can’t wait!
♥ and Lollipops,

A Message to Adam Levine

Hi there internet!

I went a bit on a bloggy vacation. I saw outside. It was glorious. I saw some mountains, I saw some oceans, I’m ready to draw!

I was talking to Nancy about cleaning out my closet. You know, giving nautical clothes away so other people can pull up anchor and enjoy some fine threads.

Any who the interesting part of this story was about a particular sweater that I have. It’s a sweater I use when I am in need of super comfy times. Like wickedly comfortable. It’s brown, knitted and familiar. But my mother noticed how truly familiar it is when she said… Adam Levine on “the Voice” has that sweater.

I said no way, and then I tuned in and much like the great 90s hit from Tag Team… “Whoomp,” there was my sweater. And not in just like 1 episode, he wears it for like 6 episodes straight!

Courtesy of the Voice &


I looked at my sweater, and came to this conclusion:

P.S. I hope he didn’t pay bonkers money for that sweater because I bought it for $20 at a street fair.