Isabel Stare-a-thon 2013: The beginning

It’s that time of year again where we celebrate staring at everyone’s  favorite ocular spectacle…


You may remember Isabel from well staring at her for the last 5 years every November 20th to December 20th.

Well the time is back upon us…

and then:

And of course:

And prepare to stare.

And for all of those out there caught up in the excitement of Isabel theme’s prepare your sights for a heavenly stare for the next few weeks:

The theme was ingeniously created by the Thon.

The stare-a-thon will be updated Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Doodles will still be as often as I can make them.

Here’s to a lovely stare-a-thon.


The 28th

I turned 28 this weekend! And I dreamed it had many more elephants than it actually did!

I never really think the new year starts when January first comes around.

In fact I’m not really into New Years Resolutions in the typical sense.

I like to start them on my birthday because I feel that is the best time when I can set my goals and just see where I am the next year.

And then New Year’s is much less pressure… And it is just for wearing weird eyeglasses and drinking…. just like the Lord intended!

So let’s recap some of the things.

Things that I learned at 27:

That people from high school forget most things about you in 10 years and have created stories that are practically legends. Someone told me they remember me being banned from several Los Angeles hot spots and also having VIP parties at school. Which is totally untrue because I don’t believe in exclusivity– the parties were never exclusive.

Being really cheerful can get people to be really excited to see you. This weekend I went to a store I visit quite often and the workers sang me happy birthday.

Friends are really amazing. Thank your friends for being amazing if you read this. My friends were so sweet this weekend, but they are wonderful all the time so *hair flip* nothing is new about that.

For fabulous traveling hair wear a wig! I haven’t done it but it’s a great idea (thanks Cakes!):

Make sure the parking lot you park your car in is not locked at a certain time at night… and if so pray that the person you are with is a welder.

If something seems to good to be true… it probably is.

Only you can prevent forest fires make yourself happy. If you are depending on other people for this… you are going to have a bad time.

Ben Affleck may be an okay Batman, we should give him a chance.

Never write people notes on their car when you have drank too much.

Don’t waste your time with people who make you unhappy… instead spend time with the people who make you smile.

Always do your best even if you aren’t going to be noticed for it.

“Fenestration” means having windows… but it’s a horrid sounding word.

Bellydancing is probably the most fun I think I have had in a really long time, and it’s the best way to get rid of the stress of having to learn words like “fenestration.”

Also my coworkers think bellydancing is stripping… it is actually super not.

Things I will do next year:

I’m going to buy that ukulele in Hawaii this year, and by this time next year I will be serenading people with it!

I am going to take my Licensing tests…  I already have a date set. This time it’s happening

I’m going to learn how to do my hair… I mean having messy bed hair is in now, but eventually I’m not always going to be able to get away with my charming hippy look. And some events need more than 1940s hot roller hair.

I will just keep on keeping on being comfortable with myself. It’s really just an amazing thing to be comfy and not so serious to think you can’t make fun of yourself.


I will lessen my gossiping. I heard some people gossiping a few weeks ago like serious, and all I could think is “I’m too old for this.”

I’m also going to travel more next year… I haven’t been anywhere in so long I feel actual wanderlust. BTW that means you Washington State ;)

Cheers to 28 and the next 365 days!

And thanks to everyone who comes here to see the doodles, and read my weird words… You are truly:

Image courtesy of Tumblr!


Mix-tape Masterpiece

Do you remember that feeling you would get when someone would make you a mix-tape?

It was a culmination of the joy and the discovery of all sorts of new melodies for your ears and then the sheer joy that they thought you were special enough to use hours of their lives to create this beautiful little portal into another audio fueled dimension.

Today I got caught up in the nostalgia of it all, and tried to think of the modern equivalent. Somehow a spotify playlist doesn’t have that same romantic allure of a mix-tape.

I mean it’s all the same thing… with none of the heart.

Would the modern technology equivalent be a flash drive full of the best memories that can fit on it?

I kinda like the idea of a flash drive full of silly things like that.

I think the best mix-tapes happened on cassette, there was so much strategy.

So much sitting by the radio waiting for the right song to play…. you know it’s going to be on next!

So much anticipation… will they like all 4 songs from the Goo Goo Dolls?

Will they think Guided by Voices is cool?

Will the Cure change their existence like it did mine?

Will they like Sammy Hagar fronted Van Halen songs?

i can hear you sing it to me in my sleep
I want to make everyone I adore right now a mix-tape. But no one has a cassette player.

And the song I quoted was one of my favorite 90s songs.

A song from a one-hit wonder… that wasn’t even their hit. It may have been on every mixtape I ever made… it goes with anything from the Clash to Lisa Loeb.


One busy week & One nautical wish

This week has been crazy. And every time I do this some Jimmy complains that I do not post enough on this blog.

So here’s a snazzy recap!

-I got to learn how to do a veil belly dance number. And had mad expertise on swishing around the veil, because I dramatically wrap myself up in blankets like a little hobo… on the daily.

-I ate fried chicken. Most fancily… might I add. While sporting my chicken eating necklace.

-I got fairy wings I ordered in the mail. Because I needed them to be a proper adult.

– I made a floral crown… just because I wanted to see if I could make one…. totally succeeded.

-I got called a hippy 3 times while not even wearing that floral crown… and I liked it. I do recycle and I am kind animals and the planet!

-I fell asleep with a cat in my arms instead of going to work on time today… he was just so comfy cozy.

-I did like 60% of the planning for my sister’s impending baby shower, most of it while in the shower.

-And I decided that I still wish I were a mermaid. Because I’d be swishing my blanket in the sea… while being mer-sparkly:

I just can’t shake that nautical feeling!

Have a great weekend everybody!


Winner Winner

Liz Lemon has sandwiches.

Leslie Knope has waffles

Mindy Lahiri has pizza.

And well I…. I have chicken.

Yes, I just compared myself to some of the most hilarious women of the 21st century… Mostly because I love them. But also because they poke fun at everything, including what they eat.

And well all the people who know me in internet/ or real life… in which I am the same giggly and self-deprecating person… know I am cuckoo for cocoa puffs about chicken.

I like to eat chicken.

I like to draw chicken,

I like to wear chicken inspired jewelry:

I can honestly tell you that I feel like the Grand Duchess of Luxembourg while wearing this necklace…  Of course only if the Grand Duchess of Luxembourg wore sensible sweaters.

And tonight is an especially important night for me and chicken because this is the night… when I eat fried chicken.

And I’m going to wear my chicken necklace with exorbitant joy tonight as I feast upon it’s less sparkly bretheren.

Tonight. We dine on Chicken!

Eat something super delicious tonight… with all sorts of glee and at least 7 other joys.


Feeling European

I want to be in Paris… but well the most I can afford right now is a crepe and a beret.

Okay, Paris is always a good idea. Especially if you are a character in a romantic movie with Humphey Bogart… or Harrison Ford. (In today’s world I think you should be able to pick which Sabrina you want to be or for the boys which Linus Larabee you want to be.)

Don’t judge me… but I’d pick this version. I mean… yeah. The clothes alone in that movie would make my life ridiculously fancier.

Anyways, l kind of wish I was there. I mean not with Humprey Bogart in a movie… but in Paris. You know what I mean, internet.

I felt like I got to go on a vacation today because I got to go measure a place outside of my office… which is always thrilling. With Thon who I have never gotten to have a work time field trip with.  And we got to have an adventure because we took the wrong freeway and got mildly to moderately lost.  The only downside of our field trip was that it was a fabulous adventure in measuring the showers in a locker room… the truly un-glamorous moments of working in the architectural field. Not only did I end up with frizzy hair due to inner bathroom moisture… but I saw quite a bit of naked elderly ladies. More than my daily quota (which for those inquiring minds is 0 naked old ladies.)

And I felt a little more than awkward being around them with a clipboard, a marker, a measuring tape. Some inquired what I was doing… others just gave me strange looks. I didn’t mind answering questions… because I would want to know if I was in their position.

What can you really do?

After all I had a job to do. And I could have given a singing crustacean about their nudity.

Somehow though, being around that many naked people who didn’t give a damn about it felt very European in nature… But the fact that I ate Mexican fast food for lunch shortly thereafter reminded me that I was in fact not in any portion of Europe. Also the fact that I was so far into the desert today I thought I drove to the end of the world… and then a tumbleweed dramatically strolled past my car on my return to civilization. And my contacts were filled with dusty cruds.

Oh California, with your large gaps in civilization, and questioning nude geriatric women… How silly you are.

Anyways.. happy Friday!


The Relation Raft

Some people have relationships and all sorts of other ships.

I being a bit on the awkward side would like to take this time to announce that I don’t really do well in relationships… mostly because I have only have a makeshift raft of relations:

It stays afloat and everything… but it has no sides… it’s not really going to protect you from the water or sharks or anything. Actually it isn’t really helpful unless you need to be marooned on Gilligan’s Island… or you want to hang out with Tom Sawyer and Jim…

I think those last 2 sentences alone explain why I have a relation-raft.

Also the fact that today I am so excited to be able to stay at home by myself…  explains a lot of it too. I mean I’ve just had something to do every night for the last 2 weeks… and tonight screams “Let’s wear sweatpants and watch romantic comedies while you illustrate.”

Any who happy Wednesday!

And how does everybody keep their relationships/rafts/buckets afloat?


Things I’ve learned from pin-up girls

I have always found the ladies of yesteryear amazing. Be they someone’s awesome grandma, a movie star, a was hero, a writer, or a pin up girl. My favorite things to read about them are always when they reflect on their life and their careers. They always seem to have it figured out, because they have been through it all, and lived it up. And also that is when people say crazy things like “Alfred Hitchcock stalked me.”~ Paraphrased Tippi Hedren. I suppose it’s because they realize the best things to be are honest… because it’s what happened after all. And why should they be afraid to be truthful? Also seriously Tippi Hedren… I’m sorry about Hitchcock… he was all sorts of creepy.

I get carried up in that story about Tippi sometimes, because most girls have been in that situation. Even in modern times. A superior who is all hands… Gross.

Now another one of those ladies who figured it out and lived it up was Bettie Page. Now I have always understood her to a certain degree. She not only has totally rad bangs like me (I’m going to say I never copied her bang style. I have actually had bangs since I have had hair.) She was really mischievous… and I have been called that a few times (a week.) And people are super crazy about her, (sometimes in an unsettling way) without ever taking the time to understand her as a person, not a visual object.

But don’t worry I won’t get too much into that. I’m here to celebrate the good. One thing I have always like about her is she always seemed to be having fun, and making the most out of anywhere she was.

Pretending to be attacked by a tree… happy.

Sitting with leopards.. happy.

In weird plastic-y outfits… happy.

Being straight up naked… happy

Wouldn’t it be great to be that happy all the time? I think so.

Well one of my favorite quotes from her is super important for both boys, girls, and people who like to be happy near trees (in or out of clothes):

Thank you for being you Bettie.

I have always liked that quote, it’s simple and true. Be yourself and never apologize for it. You will thank yourself for it someday.

Also.. bangs are fantastic, they may be why both Bettie and I are so happy… it’s just a theory.


Pretzel Of Joy

Today’s message is small and simple.

Let’s just do it… and let’s not even care about getting those little salty crystals everywhere!

This is basically my version of buying the world a coke, and if you don’t like pretzels… I’m very sorry.

But seriously… they are amazing.

And they like you.