Mix-tape Masterpiece

Do you remember that feeling you would get when someone would make you a mix-tape?

It was a culmination of the joy and the discovery of all sorts of new melodies for your ears and then the sheer joy that they thought you were special enough to use hours of their lives to create this beautiful little portal into another audio fueled dimension.

Today I got caught up in the nostalgia of it all, and tried to think of the modern equivalent. Somehow a spotify playlist doesn’t have that same romantic allure of a mix-tape.

I mean it’s all the same thing… with none of the heart.

Would the modern technology equivalent be a flash drive full of the best memories that can fit on it?

I kinda like the idea of a flash drive full of silly things like that.

I think the best mix-tapes happened on cassette, there was so much strategy.

So much sitting by the radio waiting for the right song to play…. you know it’s going to be on next!

So much anticipation… will they like all 4 songs from the Goo Goo Dolls?

Will they think Guided by Voices is cool?

Will the Cure change their existence like it did mine?

Will they like Sammy Hagar fronted Van Halen songs?

i can hear you sing it to me in my sleep
I want to make everyone I adore right now a mix-tape. But no one has a cassette player.

And the song I quoted was one of my favorite 90s songs.

A song from a one-hit wonder… that wasn’t even their hit. It may have been on every mixtape I ever made… it goes with anything from the Clash to Lisa Loeb.


13 thoughts on “Mix-tape Masterpiece

  1. You should be pleased to know that Dan Wilson of Semisonic can be found co-writing pretty much all of the best music around today. And they are still together, though they haven’t released an album since about 2002 — which was incredibly good, btw.

    My fun fact for your day. ;)

    1. I am glad to hear someone else likes them too. Their music was pop brilliance!
      Dan Wilson is totally amazing I didn’t even realize all the projects he’s worked on in the recent years.

      You Ruby Tuesday made my Tuesday better than any Friday the Cure could possibly have ever written about :)

      1. And you just made me so happy I’m blushing! That’s some seriously high praise going on there. I’m glad I could bring you the kind of joy making a mix tape used to bring me! :D

    1. I totally believe your mix tape prowess… they are totally an art form.
      And I’m so glad someone agrees with my Van Halen preference, we are so cool. I wish I could make a cassette mix-tape about this.

  2. Great song! First time I ever hear it. I remember the mix tape and mix cd era hahaha, cassettes.. my car has one! hasn’t been used in years. I wonder if it still works, but there’s no way to test it out.

    BTW every single time I hear “Friday I’m in Love” I remember your post from a looooooong time ago!

    1. Now I want to find a cassette and send it to you! I’m sure there has to be one in a storage box or something!
      And I feel so amazing that you remember my penchant for the Cure! I’m going to play it on my way home today and sing to it awkwardly in my car…

  3. Actually 2 hit wonder! The bar I used to go to every Friday night after work played their song ‘Closing Time’ as the last song of the night. We kind of laughed because it was a good song but a little cheesy as that bar was known for being a pick-up place. LOL! Good memories!!!

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