Back in Black— or Pink

I was thinking lately.

Why have I not been posting my drawings on this website?

Now that I have an instagram, this webby is not always my first thought. But, the think about instagram is I don’t want to write a fun story to go with the drawing.

And isn’t that half the fun?

Anyhoo. Happy Valentines day from the Everyday showgirl,


valentine showgirl

Party Like A Jimmy

This is a birthday shout out to everyone’s favorite fan of Santa Barbara!

It’s Jimmy’s *ahem* *ahem* 30th *cough* *cough* birthday!*

And in the spirit of making fun lists

Here’s 10 fun facts about the birthday boy:

1. Jimmy is afraid of the internet… and is one of 4 people I know who doesn’t have a Facebook or a Linkedin… or even a myspace.

2. Jimmy used to collect postcards… I imagine he has enough to cover the walls of the Grand Canyon.

3. Jimmy is the owner of 3 weenie dogs… but doesn’t like Hot Dog on a Stick.

4. He is the only guy I know who knows the words to “Waterloo” by Abba

5.He is like an encyclopedia of California style Spanish Colonial style homes… which actually comes in handier than you think it would.

6.Jimmy used to be the tallest guy I knew… but now I work with someone who is 6′-9″

7. Jimmy doesn’t like seafood… but he will watch “the Little Mermaid” with you.

8. He’s one of the only people  (besides me) who likes the movie “Bachelorette” better than “Bridesmaids”. It’s a great movie, btw.

9. Jimmy has more sweaters than I do… I think he has 305** to be exact.

10. He also makes fun art… and you can see it here!

Happy Birthday Jimmy


*his birthday is actually on the 1st… but I was being wooed by pizza, chicken wings, and Lenny Kravitz.

**I exaggerated he only has 285

Pretzel Of Joy

Today’s message is small and simple.

Let’s just do it… and let’s not even care about getting those little salty crystals everywhere!

This is basically my version of buying the world a coke, and if you don’t like pretzels… I’m very sorry.

But seriously… they are amazing.

And they like you.


My winter coat

I know weather is a different story everywhere. But bear with me.

But really the best thing that has happened this week is  pope hats on all the things in my office SPRING.

As a resident of California, I find my Rainbow Brite lifestyle very much aided by the weather. We may only have 2 seasons here (fall and summer)… but boy, are they glorious.

Spring has arrived and brought with it some very missed sun. I was beginning to get a little bummed because I was in major need of some Vitamin D.

Via: Tumblr & the Lennon-McCartney catalog. And quickly on this subject if I were a Beatle I would most definitely be a Paul.

And then all of a sudden here comes the sun (another Beatles reference so soon) most gloriously, when I needed it the most. The sun has returned and I felt very animalistic about the whole thing, I have wanted to be outside so badly being ion my office nearly brings me to tears. I was so lost in all the gray days, I was beginning to think I could warm myself from the yellow on my stapler.

This yellow stapler of my heart is available at POPPIN. I suggest you get one in every color.

But sadly my stapler emits no warmth. All it can really do is bind paper and make me smile.

Okay now that I have talked about the sun I feel like everyone reading it is probably like:

And with that out of the way, I bring you to today’s doodle:

Let’s just take them right off and throw them into the ocean!

And happily share I only have 1.5 hours before work is over… Then I’m off to the desert to get lost until Easter…

Oh no… hold up. I’m just visiting my sister for the weekend.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone. Hopefully your work week is over and even if you are in 2 feet of snow… I hope you get to see even a little sun.


My Prickly Valentine

Whether you love Valentine’s Day or not… it is upon us. And even though I don’t have a Valentine this year that isn’t a cat… I can say, I kinda like it…

Not for the mega expensive red roses, or huge boxes of candy at the CVS. Seriously, there was a $40 box of candy there this week when I went to go get some mascara. Who would buy that!?!

Mostly I like Valentine’s Day because, I totally like people being nice and giving me candy until I get a stomach ache! Already took my visit to Candyland today, and ate my arms weight in chocolate. And now I have the stomach ache of a small child who should have ate her lunch and not candy.

For all of you out there who love today or not, I give you this little greeting from my favorite provocative plant:


Let’s get lost in Happiness

So I have had a killer workday ahead of me. In fact yesterday, I worked 9 hours on something I couldn’t even explain to anyone if I tried. I just recolored blocks in a computer program over and over again. So quite candidly I can say… those blocks, are really really colored. And everything else well… it didn’t get done.

And I have had a headache since last week that is made up of stress and allergies… because it’s been so windy where I live. I actually feel the north wind is telling me I should run away like, Juliette Binoche in Chocolat and start my own store of drinks and doodles. Where that weird French guy can judge how I would rather live a happy life than the life of a nun, and Johnny Depp can be my sexy repairman.  But that is for later, and deadlines are for now.

Amber came back into the office yesterday and was super optimistic. She made me remember all the things I learned in the last few weeks by watching movies with Paul Rudd in them. Wanderlust, My Idiot Brother, the Baxter. All of these movies made my last few weeks. All of them have helped me realize what I really need.


The only thing is I have to do is go find what that is to me right now. And since I’m currently at work I can try to think about it. I hope you can do it too… wherever you are at:

Right now I’m listening to music and trying to think about what would make me happy… not feeling trapped in this office would be nice.


Happy Hour

So I’m not the biggest drinker. But I am a fan of happy hour. And not just because that is when drinks are most affordable, but because of the name. Happy Hour. I think more hours should be dedicated to  happy, and not just because I like to have a drink or two… but because we need an hour where the world is not driving us mad and an hour to pretend like we have never heard of cell phones or the internet. You know, time to just be.

Also if I had a happy hour it would have alcohol and desserts. Because I don’t know if there are two things that could make people happier.


True story: I’m not the biggest drinker. And  I never quite know what to drink… and well I know alcohol is not the tastiest thing… so I’m not that picky. And a lot of the time when I order drinks I sound like this:

I’m going to get my happy hour on now.


Happy Birthday Tony!

There is nothing I like better than a birthday! The only way a birthday can be made is by taking place on Fried Chicken Day… and the birthday on glorious Fried Chicken Day is none other than my Brother Tony’s Birthday! My brother is a totally rad dude, he’s a super talented artist and is an incredible dad and snazzy dancer!

Now the only thing that super rad about my brothers birthday is that he lives so far away, in leafy green Montana. So I don’t get to see his actual face today… and that means I have to make something special happen…

So you know what’s going to happen… a doodle!

Happy Birthday Tony! I hope you had a wonderful day and a fabulous birthday week. I am thinking you need some secret Chinese food to make this week really special!

♥ and Lollipops and Happy Birthdays,

Professional Quote of the Day: Aug 5th

It’s Friday! Friday! You better be professional on Friday!

On this the end of the Professional Week I present to your eyes and brains this very professional opinion about the world prior to the world-wide webs:

Basically Eric’s life didn’t begin until there was the promise of email, the freedom of internet browsing, and the cool tapping of a brand new keyboard under his fingers.

Here is a bar chart to help clarify this (for all you visual minds out there):

Have a professional weekend everyone!