My winter coat

I know weather is a different story everywhere. But bear with me.

But really the best thing that has happened this week is  pope hats on all the things in my office SPRING.

As a resident of California, I find my Rainbow Brite lifestyle very much aided by the weather. We may only have 2 seasons here (fall and summer)… but boy, are they glorious.

Spring has arrived and brought with it some very missed sun. I was beginning to get a little bummed because I was in major need of some Vitamin D.

Via: Tumblr & the Lennon-McCartney catalog. And quickly on this subject if I were a Beatle I would most definitely be a Paul.

And then all of a sudden here comes the sun (another Beatles reference so soon) most gloriously, when I needed it the most. The sun has returned and I felt very animalistic about the whole thing, I have wanted to be outside so badly being ion my office nearly brings me to tears. I was so lost in all the gray days, I was beginning to think I could warm myself from the yellow on my stapler.

This yellow stapler of my heart is available at POPPIN. I suggest you get one in every color.

But sadly my stapler emits no warmth. All it can really do is bind paper and make me smile.

Okay now that I have talked about the sun I feel like everyone reading it is probably like:

And with that out of the way, I bring you to today’s doodle:

Let’s just take them right off and throw them into the ocean!

And happily share I only have 1.5 hours before work is over… Then I’m off to the desert to get lost until Easter…

Oh no… hold up. I’m just visiting my sister for the weekend.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone. Hopefully your work week is over and even if you are in 2 feet of snow… I hope you get to see even a little sun.


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