Introduction to Thon

I am not always permitted to put doodles of my coworkers online… except for the incredibly tall and full of life Amber…

But this one seems especially pertinent to post.

This is an introduction to “Thon” 

If I had to write a biography on him these are precisely the things I would say:

-He is a brave and creative curator of  this years Isabel stare-a-thon.

-He handles the large colony of spiders that live at my desk, and sometimes takes them outside so they can live in a place where I don’t have to experience them landing on my bare knees.

-He keeps an incredible amount of paper tubes at his desk. I think he’s going to make a raft out of them, so he can live the dream of forging a river Oregon Trail style (and by that I mean super unsuccessfully.)

-He has and uses a magic 8 ball for all of life’s important questions, or at least what he should eat for lunch. (which is an important question)

-And he is the riskiest person on your team at trivia Tuesdays… he will always go for double or nothing, even though the result is almost always the nothing.

-and one other thing that is much easier illustrated: 

It’s true it’s all flippy and the sort.

And like most other dudes with Jim Halpert hair he has no quarrels about this…

When contacted Jim Halpert only had this reaction to his folicle buddy:

Image courtesy of “Jim Halpert faces” Tumblr

And seriously, they both make that face…

I think this is the best and briefest introduction I have ever accomplished.

(Authors Note: Amber just told me his hair is now longer than the standard Jim… but the doodle still stands.)


Making Faces at the Camera

I work in a very special place. I have discussed it many times. There are many awkward mishaps, tears, laughter, and so many broken refrigerators you may think I work in a refrigerator repair shop.

And even though I’m like 10 feet from a broken fridge as I type, I am still pretty sure I am not working in the fabulous world of refrigerator repair.

Yep, that fridge is broken. Welcome to room temperature water for 2.5 months (so far).

Not everything is something to complain about… Our water is deliciously free, and I do have my own stapler. But then sometimes, like at lunch everything is going fine and then all of a sudden everything stops being okay. I sit there and take in all the people I work with ripping on each other. Sometimes I interject, and try to shut it down:

Shut this convo down… for sure!

But a lot of the time I just look to the side and pray that a camera crew is watching us, because there is no way things like should really happen like this in real life.

Wow did I have to learn that about your wife/ girlfriend who irrationally doesn’t like me already? And now I can think about that first the next time I have to see them, after months of successfully avoiding them? I didn’t think presents could get better.

And then there is the general non-acceptance that happens between different people with “different” personalities:

-You have a dream, you may not want to share that sucker… Because there is someone there to generally crush it, while eating a plate of rice and sausages.

-You want to keep anything a secret? Well you might as well just keep that to yourself… otherwise you might as well print it out and hand it to everyone in memo form.

– You just want to say something nasty about someone you spend most of your waking hours with? Why don’t you just do it so everyone can pretend it didn’t happen… or pray that it didn’t…

-Care to talk about highly specific beliefs or political views? Why don’t you just share them with everyone?

– How about harass people? Why don’t’ you just go for it? Why don’t you make them really uncomfortable? How about you do that until they start to cry?


Just keep on keeping on… I’ll be there praying that all of this isn’t really happening:

It’s been a long day.


Classy Pony Afternoons

I’m working on a really important doodle right now, and *hint hint* it’s about my wonderful friend Isabel. While it is not done right now I feel sad neglecting the doodle-hood of the internet… So I drew a pony. A pony that wants to be shared with the world.

And in related news Isabel is trying to lure me into leaving the San Gabriel Valley for the lush oceany wonderland of San Diego. And it does sound promising. My Brother and Sister-in-law are luring me with Seattle. For some reason I’m eternally lured to Chicago. And somehow Christine and I ended up discussing Boston. Does anybody else have any ideas of where I should relocate? Maybe France? Australia? The Moon…. of Jupiter?

All I know is that I can’t stay where I am anymore. I just know I won’t make it. I don’t know whether to put a song in this place to describe how I feel about where I am at work and in life or a picture. But since my picture idea can have Jim from “the Office” I’m going to go with picture. And if you watch “the Office” even the context of this picture is right:

I need advice to figure out what I really want, I guess. Or a transfer to Stamford.


Professional Quote of the Day: September 1st

Happy first Day of September to all of you professional enthusiasts! Today’s quote shows you the peaceful and reflective side of the professional one.

“Everyone being professional” is a synonym for it being super quiet in this office. While the soothing sounds of tapping keyboards are like magic to professionals, for me it can be so much deadlier.Sometimes, when all I hear are the clicking of the mouse and the typing of the keyboard I feel like I could certainly die of boredom:

I hope you are enjoying all the current quietness professional one!

P.S. nice Jim Halpert tie-in right there!

I’m ready for my vacation

I’m taking 2 days off of work… And I’m going to go do nothing. But closer to the beach… and I don’t care if its cold, I’m still not going to be working.

Also I need a camera crew to make faces at… I’m really sure I’d be great at it…

Yep. That about sums it up.