Making Faces at the Camera

I work in a very special place. I have discussed it many times. There are many awkward mishaps, tears, laughter, and so many broken refrigerators you may think I work in a refrigerator repair shop.

And even though I’m like 10 feet from a broken fridge as I type, I am still pretty sure I am not working in the fabulous world of refrigerator repair.

Yep, that fridge is broken. Welcome to room temperature water for 2.5 months (so far).

Not everything is something to complain about… Our water is deliciously free, and I do have my own stapler. But then sometimes, like at lunch everything is going fine and then all of a sudden everything stops being okay. I sit there and take in all the people I work with ripping on each other. Sometimes I interject, and try to shut it down:

Shut this convo down… for sure!

But a lot of the time I just look to the side and pray that a camera crew is watching us, because there is no way things like should really happen like this in real life.

Wow did I have to learn that about your wife/ girlfriend who irrationally doesn’t like me already? And now I can think about that first the next time I have to see them, after months of successfully avoiding them? I didn’t think presents could get better.

And then there is the general non-acceptance that happens between different people with “different” personalities:

-You have a dream, you may not want to share that sucker… Because there is someone there to generally crush it, while eating a plate of rice and sausages.

-You want to keep anything a secret? Well you might as well just keep that to yourself… otherwise you might as well print it out and hand it to everyone in memo form.

– You just want to say something nasty about someone you spend most of your waking hours with? Why don’t you just do it so everyone can pretend it didn’t happen… or pray that it didn’t…

-Care to talk about highly specific beliefs or political views? Why don’t you just share them with everyone?

– How about harass people? Why don’t’ you just go for it? Why don’t you make them really uncomfortable? How about you do that until they start to cry?


Just keep on keeping on… I’ll be there praying that all of this isn’t really happening:

It’s been a long day.


6 thoughts on “Making Faces at the Camera

  1. Oh god, I worked at a place like that before. There was a guy who sat next to the copy machine, and he would mentally tally how many print jobs/photo copies I made in a week. Sometimes he’d scold me, or tell me how to improve my job. He was in manufacturing, and not at all associated with said printer.

    1. Thank goodness I sit closest to the printer! I have been being given some observations about our office lately from some fresh eyes in the cubicles. Apparently I draw the same kind of attention you do with your printing escapades. Some people leer at me when I laugh and talk about what I wear as a main topic of their conversations. On a side note, cardigans must whip people into a verbal frenzy.

  2. Oh, Lauren, that must be pretty bad! My office was half-decent but now that I’m home-based and only coming in to the office every now and then, that sort of gossip mentality is driving me crazy…

    1. I totally feel for you like a Chaka Kahn song.
      Gossip and bad attitudes make it really hard to get through 9 hours of being with people you don’t choose.
      Hopefully it gets better… for both of us!

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