Introduction to Thon

I am not always permitted to put doodles of my coworkers online… except for the incredibly tall and full of life Amber…

But this one seems especially pertinent to post.

This is an introduction to “Thon” 

If I had to write a biography on him these are precisely the things I would say:

-He is a brave and creative curator of  this years Isabel stare-a-thon.

-He handles the large colony of spiders that live at my desk, and sometimes takes them outside so they can live in a place where I don’t have to experience them landing on my bare knees.

-He keeps an incredible amount of paper tubes at his desk. I think he’s going to make a raft out of them, so he can live the dream of forging a river Oregon Trail style (and by that I mean super unsuccessfully.)

-He has and uses a magic 8 ball for all of life’s important questions, or at least what he should eat for lunch. (which is an important question)

-And he is the riskiest person on your team at trivia Tuesdays… he will always go for double or nothing, even though the result is almost always the nothing.

-and one other thing that is much easier illustrated: 

It’s true it’s all flippy and the sort.

And like most other dudes with Jim Halpert hair he has no quarrels about this…

When contacted Jim Halpert only had this reaction to his folicle buddy:

Image courtesy of “Jim Halpert faces” Tumblr

And seriously, they both make that face…

I think this is the best and briefest introduction I have ever accomplished.

(Authors Note: Amber just told me his hair is now longer than the standard Jim… but the doodle still stands.)


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