Midnight Train to Camelot

My Imagination is still on its trip around the universe. So making doodles has been very hard to do.

I have had to come up with a series that I think I will start tomorrow to power up the good old noggin, and yes it will involve some of the girliest movies under the sun…

Today’s doodle is going into the Lauren’s Big Musical Pun Box… and much like My Hall and Oates joke… it is probably funny to only me and 4 other people… so without ado here’s my totally relevant (if this were the 1970s) Gladys Knight and Pips joke:

pip it up!

Here’s a song to listen to while you stare at my spot on Gladys Knight costume:

And why is there no mash-up on the internet of Gladys Knight as a knight already? I’m disappointed in the other weird people out there.

First I had to make the Significant Otter and now this… come on!

Are you there imagination?

I have been a little out of sorts lately. I think it’s because I need to watch cheesy romantic comedies, and eat ice cream (hello, weekend). I need to embrace the things that make me, the giggly Lauren I am. Instead of avoiding them like I have been doing for the last few weeks. I like being silly and this doodle just illustrates the point (that was a pun):

Have a snazzy weekend! I know I’m going to!