Are you there imagination?

I have been a little out of sorts lately. I think it’s because I need to watch cheesy romantic comedies, and eat ice cream (hello, weekend). I need to embrace the things that make me, the giggly Lauren I am. Instead of avoiding them like I have been doing for the last few weeks. I like being silly and this doodle just illustrates the point (that was a pun):

Have a snazzy weekend! I know I’m going to!

8 thoughts on “Are you there imagination?

    1. It was I felt super lucky to have all sorts of great friends who didn’t’ even mind watching old reruns of “Lois & Clark” this weekend… it was fantastic!

  1. First of all…you can totally pull of the Princess Leia look. Secondly, I think we must be going through the same life crises. I hope you did find your inspiration…from Obi Chickens or otherwise. Mmmm, Obi chicken…sounds delicious.

    1. I think I’m going to immerse myself in a 2 week happy cleanse. I think that I couldn’t possibly be bummed about anything after that!
      I hope you find your sunshine too Jen!

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