Professional Quote of the Day: October 21st

Good Afternoon Professional Quote followers!

Sorry for the lack of posts, there has been so much work activity this week it has been difficult to find proper professional information to share with the masses.

But, today being the Eric’s true professionalism has shown through the clouds, and has dropped some professional enlightenment on the San Gabriel Valley.
– – – – – – – – – –

There are so many things that can excite a professional. Efficiently managing projects, re-pathing file locations, thoroughly answering professional related questions, defragging everyone’s hard drives… and coordinating, as this Professional Quote of the Day demonstrates:

Come on he’s so professional he has no time to spare for those who cannot coordinate with professional prowess.

Have a Professional Weekend!

2 thoughts on “Professional Quote of the Day: October 21st

  1. So riddle me this Eric. I coordinate large broker/dealer events in the financial services industry. ConsIder my work like that of a pit crew chief where I’m running the show. I coordinate it all from a cubicle in Texas. Why am I (as the pit crew chief) being expected to schedule meeting rooms in California? The race car equivalent here would be the expectation that I have to shine the lug nuts, even though there’s a Lug Nit Captain who can coordinate tha task themselves.

    1. PS: One of the perils of responding to blogs on my iPhone is the perpetual presence of typos derived from two thumbs and a virtual keyboard. Not very professional. I know. None the less, that should be “Lug Nut Captain”, not “Lug Nit Captain”.

      Lug Nit Captain just doesn’t make sense.

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