It’s the Best Day Ever! Part 2

How can today get better?

I can tell you how! IT’S ISABEL’S BIRTHDAY TOO!!!!!

I’m nearly hyperventilating with excitement at this point! And now I bring to you part 2 of the best day ever!

Okay so besides deciding that Isabel should take the place of “Bill Nye Science Guy” and become “Isabel Science Gal” with beautiful Clay Aiken as her assistant, I have created a list of 10 wonderful things about Isabel on this the day of her birth:

1. She knows where to get some great crepes, and that is a great aid in friendship!

2. She doesn’t like scary movies, to the point where she screams when nothing scary happens!

3. She is genuinely good-natured about practically everything I tease her about. She’s one of those people who take most things in stride. Who else would be in a 9 year (fake) relationship with American Idol Superstar Clay Aiken?

4. Isabel is possibly the best person to stare at ever! We have a Stare-A-thon dedicated to her every November 20th-December 20th, which everyone can join in!

5. She gives the best advice ever… and she doesn’t make you feel like a crazy when you ask her really strange questions.

6. Isabel has this fear of sticky things, that is hilarious… the thought of a child covered in sticky ice cream residue makes her want to die a little.

7. She is the master of science! Actually she’s currently PHD’ing all over the town with science! I bet you she could make a mondo awesome paper mache volcano!

8.  Isabel loves mice so much that she no longer practices science tests on them, she is trying to become the patron saint of rodents.

9. She has the largest collection of Weezer shirts (this may not be true, but it’s what I’d like to imagine.)

10. She once owned a bean bag that was the size of a couch… it was called a love sac. Although the name was gross it was very comfy. She once told me about what happened to it… but I forgot what it’s fate actually was.

So Magical Dr. Isabel. I hope you have a magnificent day filled with lots of deliciousness. I also hope that your year is more fun than inter-tubing with Donald Trump in a pool of conditioner!

♥& Lollipops,


The Smoothie Pavillion

I am in some need of giggly times today. As I have spent most of my day behind the old computer screen… including most of my lunch. I thought that I would use an instant message conversation about how “RAD” my friends and I are as my inspiration today.

By the way if you were interested, we’re in the 96th percentile of Raddness which is only slightly under people who make bendy straws, and circus people (who I imagine, have the most fun.) Isabel had this brilliant idea of us combining our careers to make something truly wonderful. So I put Isabel’s dream into my brain waves, and combined it with my love of 1980s/1990s pop culture… Which led my brain files to open the Captain Planet folder… So without further ado, I bring to you the coolest collection of Planeteers in Southern California:

And if we combined food, science and architecture… we wouldn’t get a weird guy with Green Hair and a tankini. I imagine we would come up with one of the fanciest most scientific, and archtiecturally significant Smoothie places on the planet:

And that people from around the world would show up for a truly magical smoothie experience. It would be like the apple store of smoothie places. Fancy business people would buy our deluxe smoothies! Giggly Teens would buy our smoothies! People with scarves would drink our smoothies! I don’t know if anything gets better than that.

I’m going to go start our Mission Statement… I think it has to have “through the science of delicious taste” somewhere in it…


Hark! Science Approaches!

Today I personally feel a little boring. Even doodle Lauren wants nothing to do with my imagination. I think its because I suffer from project fatigue (so many days and it still isn’t done!) So I closed my eyes and the first thing that popped into my head was science! And by science I mean Isabel, my brilliant scientist friend!

I am not entirely sure but I think I was supposed to tell her something that is important… but I forgot what that thing was… eh, who knows. So I haven’t wanted to bother her… But when I remember, I’m going to tell her that thing that I need to tell her.

I digress… here’s Isabel is with some science:

Now back to ceiling details!


Isabel Stare-A-Thon: For the Scientist in You

Now I would be the first person to tell you I know not much about science… All I remember from my brief exposure to this field is usually marred by teachers who inspired me to sit in a corner and doodle. (By the way thanks super bad teachers, I get paid money to draw now.)

Anyhoo, besides starting small fires in chemistry class, and the fact that the Galapagos Islands exist I have no real scientific knowledge*.

But you know who does love science? Isabel… yes, the one we stare at. She really does, in fact if science were a real life person she’d marry him.

And that brings us to this sciency Isabel stare-a-thon picture:


So go, tell all your friends about this site, and science. Because both things are super awesome… and KEEP STARING!


*Maybe I know more science than this, but then again… maybe not.

Isabel Stare-a-thon 2011: Statistically speaking

Today on the Isabel Stare-A-thon 2011 aka the best thing you are doing today we look into Isabel with numerical data!

And since Isabel’s life is all about data, let’s get into this. With the assistance of the Stare-a-thon League the following chart was created:

That has been a question we’ve all been wondering for weeks now. The Chicken population has responded well to this years stare-a-thon… And, I’m really glad to see the growth of the sea creature population, nearly tripling in the last year. I think this may have a lot to with the popular use of periscope this year….

But I digress, as interesting as I find the steady rat viewership they at the The Stare-a-thon League are more interested in how people are staring this year and this brings us to chart B:

Now remember to stare everybody! In any which way that makes you the most comfortable!


Science and You!

Do you ever wonder about science?
I know Isabel Does:

she was blinded by science as a child.

Side note: If I were a substitute teacher who was sent to a science class I think I would put this on a slide, and say that is everything you need to know about science. Unless you want to be a doctor or something… But this is all I’m teaching you.


Let me consult my…

A long unspoken dream of mine has always been to have a brilliant scientist friend.
So I can say, “Let me consult my brilliant scientist friend.”
However, the only question that I am usually asked is “Do you want this as a combo?”
But, the fact that I will have science as a friend… will thrill me.
My science friend is one who can explain why Spiderman and the Hulk can’t be real. (Because radioactivity doesn’t work like that… LAME) Also she has an incredible fear of sticky mats. And children coated in cotton candy…
Well now at last my dream is a reality. Isabel is going to be like the coolest thing in science since… atoms and such*

Congratulations on being like the next Bill Nye, Isabel!!!!


*I don’t know much about science

Isabel’s Birthday 2011

Today on the 26th anniversary of Isabel. I bring to you these 26 fun Isabel facts:

1. She is not a leprechaun.
2. She likes science.
3. She is most likely going to go to Clay’s Place for her birthday. Giggle Giggle.
4. The only t-shirts she owns are Weezer Shirts
5. She locks cats out of her room… when they are lonely.
6. She no longer murders in the name of science (Bonus)
7. She really likes Science!
8. She likes to watch Disney movies, that have questionable morals.
9. She has curly hair!
10. Has never entered a Jennifer Lopez look-alike contest… Mostly because she does not look like Jennifer Lopez
11. She also doesn’t look like George Lopez.
12. Has never been to Spain, although she believes I was there for like half a year.
13. She has dreamt of being the proud owner of a monster truck station wagon since her early teens.
14. She would never steal a seal… no matter how nicely you ask.
15. She really likes to listen to 90’s pop on Pandora… they play Hanson!
16. Has coupons to the zoo… she can get a discount on ICE CREAM!
17. Is the muse for many songwriters… but mostly for American Idol alumni’s, Yes you Lee Dewyze.
18. She is deathly afraid of “sticky residue”. Right now she just read “sticky residue” and shuddered…
19. She can tell you the precise location of the “fishin” rock
20. She doesn’t watch 30 Rock… but I forgive her.
21. She is going to start using words like “trolley” and “brilliant” due to British peer pressure.
22. She knows what kurflurgees are and she knows how to use them.
23. She is the only person who has ever completed the Oregon trail everyday… on the way to school (She lost so many oxen…)
24. She was once momentarily blinded by science. It was like poetry in motion.
25. Has been pasty way before Vampires became trendy!
26. She is probably thinking about Rivers Cuomo right now… see, I am right.

Happy Birthday Isabel


The Occasional Rapper of the Day

I’ve been creating streamlined versions of my doodle friends to use against my friends permission. When I got to Isabel I realized it was also vital to make her a rapper, just like real life:
So I present to you rap star Isabel (with the beat of “Ice Ice Baby” from Vanilla Ice)

She is straight up gonna check those cells and get published, word.

*forgive my rap words… I don’t know as much about science as Isabel… or Bill Nye the Science guy.