It’s the Best Day Ever! Part 2

How can today get better?

I can tell you how! IT’S ISABEL’S BIRTHDAY TOO!!!!!

I’m nearly hyperventilating with excitement at this point! And now I bring to you part 2 of the best day ever!

Okay so besides deciding that Isabel should take the place of “Bill Nye Science Guy” and become “Isabel Science Gal” with beautiful Clay Aiken as her assistant, I have created a list of 10 wonderful things about Isabel on this the day of her birth:

1. She knows where to get some great crepes, and that is a great aid in friendship!

2. She doesn’t like scary movies, to the point where she screams when nothing scary happens!

3. She is genuinely good-natured about practically everything I tease her about. She’s one of those people who take most things in stride. Who else would be in a 9 year (fake) relationship with American Idol Superstar Clay Aiken?

4. Isabel is possibly the best person to stare at ever! We have a Stare-A-thon dedicated to her every November 20th-December 20th, which everyone can join in!

5. She gives the best advice ever… and she doesn’t make you feel like a crazy when you ask her really strange questions.

6. Isabel has this fear of sticky things, that is hilarious… the thought of a child covered in sticky ice cream residue makes her want to die a little.

7. She is the master of science! Actually she’s currently PHD’ing all over the town with science! I bet you she could make a mondo awesome paper mache volcano!

8.  Isabel loves mice so much that she no longer practices science tests on them, she is trying to become the patron saint of rodents.

9. She has the largest collection of Weezer shirts (this may not be true, but it’s what I’d like to imagine.)

10. She once owned a bean bag that was the size of a couch… it was called a love sac. Although the name was gross it was very comfy. She once told me about what happened to it… but I forgot what it’s fate actually was.

So Magical Dr. Isabel. I hope you have a magnificent day filled with lots of deliciousness. I also hope that your year is more fun than inter-tubing with Donald Trump in a pool of conditioner!

♥& Lollipops,


8 thoughts on “It’s the Best Day Ever! Part 2

  1. HA! We have a love sac in our spare room. The name is totally gross, and I just call it the large beanbag thingie.

    I love the #8 fact. Good on you, Isabel! Happy birthday :D

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