Pan-Am-iest post of the day

Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m cuckoo for cocoa puffs about the 1960s.
I love the clothes, I love the style. I love modernism, I love the matte lipstick, I love it all.

And I love interpretations of it. So I watch Mad Men, American Dreams, Gilligan’s Island, Petticoat Junction, That Girl, Mary Tyler Moore and every Doris Day movie, as much as possible… and now I watch Pan Am.

It isn’t as smokily correct as many people would like it to be but, eh. As long as I don’t have to see CBS-style-comedy (balls… stds, Haha) I’m basically going to enjoy it.

I'm going to go to the corner and die... because of the historical smoke accuracy

The only part of the show that I don’t really “get” is the main character Laura. Because she may actually be a kitty, playing a person.

I don't get it

But, I do like the show, don’t get me wrong. I realize that sometimes I am not sharpest light in the socket. And seriously I like their clothes. Their clothes are like wow.

Colette has the best clothes.
I will definitely wear all of this

Also I like Ted, but that is a surprise to no one is surprised by this as I always like the mildly jerky guy with dark hair and candy:

How can I resist?

and here is a doodle to prove it:

But then again maybe I shouldn’t advertise this as men do follow me around trying to get me to pay attention to their card tricks which makes me… so very weirded out.

The blonde guy is nice too, but he may or may not actually be a Ken doll:

He may be like the "Small Wonder" of Air Line Pilots

He’s so blonde and pretty. I feel like he would match any pair of shoes.

Okay and maybe the conclusion of this blog is… I think the pilot’s on this show are handsome dudes. Or maybe that modern guys should dress nicer.
And maybe this year because this show is on the air, I can finally get my hands on one of these:

And I won’t keep having to tell people how much I want one!

Taco Lake

In school I was always trying to link my favorite things like Modernism and Gothicism, and tacos.

I came up with many ( mostly failed) ideas to link them into a beautiful hybrid… including a fake Architecture Firm called “Fiberglass Taco”…

Well today no one has shot down my next foray into a taco hybrid world… A taco ballet:

I call it “Taco Lake”

Here is a more than helpful advertising poster:

It's also 250% more delicious and spicy than "Swan Lake"

And here I is a great rendering of me dancing “the Dance of the blithe salsa”:

My imagination is limitless… because much like swan lake I plan on pulling all the stops including a children’s dance where they are little taquitos.


It makes you Wonder

Today’s Story time with Lauren is about Elliott the cat:

Sometimes I see my cat staring at birds. He stares at them in a way where you can tell he wants to eat their faces.

But it’s cute, because he is an indoor cat and has no chance of ever catching birds.

And if he did he may pass out from excitement.

If we lived in the Twilight Zone he would wake up to find he was a bird all along:

birding it with elliott


Decorating with Elliott

Today’s storytime adventure involves another true story.

This story takes place in a little beige house with white trim. In this house resides a family, a family with 3 lovely pets.

As you can tell this is probably my house, and those are probably my pets that I am talking about.

Specifically, tt’s about Elliott, the cat.

To my cat there is nothing more relaxing than recreational decorating. He enjoys stealing weird bits of string, paper, paperclips, twisty ties, and unused popsicle sticks (from a failed art project) to scatter all about his kitty tube.

When you clean up the area he goes back out to the world to recollect these bits, or similar friends of theirs. I think he is inspired to do this because he knows that I work with architecture.

I think if he had an architectural style it would be deconstructionist.


The Tale of the Blowhole

Today I bring you a new tale to add to our storytime repertoire.

Many moons ago in the state of Hawaii, there vacationed a Jimmy.

This said Jimmy was not familiar with islands besides those in the roads on major streets. You see this very Jimmy was from the Valley.

This specific Jimmy is also quite literate, you will frequently find him engaged in a book or perusing maps of distant lands. He used his written ware in this case as a tool to find himself something fun to do on this island vacation.

There he found a natural phenomena that captured his fountain loving imagination. A blowhole. Not any blowhole, but one on a treacherous part of beach, that spews over 100 ft in the air. The approximate height of a 9 story building. Fascinated Jimmy told his family, they trekked for hours to reach this dangerous location…

…to find that…

… the tide was out.




p.s. the t-shirt reads “you fracture me”

Tale of Eye Makeup Terror

Okay this is not really a scary story.

BUT, it is scary if you are me.

I’m currently not being allowed to wear eye makeup because of my weird dry skin. So I have only been allowed to wear mascara and blush pretty much. And as people know I have never not worn eye make-up outside since I was 15, and I find it terrifying.

And now I look like I’m 17 again… 

But I didn’t thankfully turn into Zac Efron.

This last weekend I was asked when I was going to college by a teen, and also asked out by the same teen. ICK ICK ICK. I told him, “I’m really old, and this is not right.”

So to look like I’m age to vote I’m trying to figure out if I can get fake eyelashes. Perhaps I may look like a gogo dancer, but at least I’ll look like a real grown up.

The End.

That was today’s story with Lauren!


Stories about Elliott

I have a cat his name is Elliott.

Elliott likes to do many things, like eating, breaking my mother’s possessions and sleeping.

Here likes to sleep on towels, my head, my pillow, the window sill, his kitty scratchy tube, any person he can sit on, and….