The Tale of the Blowhole

Today I bring you a new tale to add to our storytime repertoire.

Many moons ago in the state of Hawaii, there vacationed a Jimmy.

This said Jimmy was not familiar with islands besides those in the roads on major streets. You see this very Jimmy was from the Valley.

This specific Jimmy is also quite literate, you will frequently find him engaged in a book or perusing maps of distant lands. He used his written ware in this case as a tool to find himself something fun to do on this island vacation.

There he found a natural phenomena that captured his fountain loving imagination. A blowhole. Not any blowhole, but one on a treacherous part of beach, that spews over 100 ft in the air. The approximate height of a 9 story building. Fascinated Jimmy told his family, they trekked for hours to reach this dangerous location…

…to find that…

… the tide was out.




p.s. the t-shirt reads “you fracture me”

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