Decorating with Elliott

Today’s storytime adventure involves another true story.

This story takes place in a little beige house with white trim. In this house resides a family, a family with 3 lovely pets.

As you can tell this is probably my house, and those are probably my pets that I am talking about.

Specifically, tt’s about Elliott, the cat.

To my cat there is nothing more relaxing than recreational decorating. He enjoys stealing weird bits of string, paper, paperclips, twisty ties, and unused popsicle sticks (from a failed art project) to scatter all about his kitty tube.

When you clean up the area he goes back out to the world to recollect these bits, or similar friends of theirs. I think he is inspired to do this because he knows that I work with architecture.

I think if he had an architectural style it would be deconstructionist.


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