What am I doing?

The answer is drawing cats and constellations. I am currently working on a project with a lovely friend who is a wonderful artist herself.

Soon I will have a whole picture to this until then enjoy this rough draft I sent her to make her laugh:

Meow astrology cats to come!


Mid Week Confession: Sprinkles

I know its not exactly mid-week… but bear with me… I finally fit some internetting into my schedule that isn’t about the glorious world of sustainable design and bidding documents…

And then it happened. I was like totally clicking and clacking all over the internet and I found myself totally distracted by sprinkles.

And that’s what brings me to this (kind of) midweek confession:

sprinkity sprinkles

It was like 20 minutes before I realized I need to get back to work….

Also reading this somewhere in the wild north my brother is not surprised that I said any of this.


Silver and Gold

Today I’m going to keep my words short and hopefully my doodle will be more poignant, I just wanted to take the time to say that I totally value all of my friends and thanks them for being amazing!

Whether I know you in real face to face life, or just internet life this doodley doodle is totally for you-dle:

Happy Freaking Tuesday!!!


Burning Questions about Cracker Night

Today is Monday and since I live in California there is nothing special happening except I’m working on my new website/store/superpavillion for the most awesome things on the whole internet!

I wonder if I was in England or Australia if today would be more exciting? True story, my mind is effectively not in my office or even in my country at all, but approximately 5600 miles and 7400 miles respectively. And my head is boggled by a holiday supposedly celebrated in these countries, Guy Fawkes Day/Cracker Night.

If anyone can answer any of the following questions I would be eternally grateful.

Do you really celebrate it?

Do you really call it Cracker night?

Do you wear fancy clothes or V for Vendetta masks around town?

Do you eat crackers (the baked good) while watching firecrackers?

Do you really burn things in effigy?

I know I could google my answers… But  I’m kind of against google searching right now, as I think it is too easy of an out to not think things through or really investigate an answer. I’m far too guilty of googling things I want to know but don’t want to think about, and I’m putting a stop to it. So if you are out there and can help my brain thoughts… please give me a shout out. I’m just an girl in the world… who really wants to know the truth about Guy Fawkes day.



Toasty Fashions

Since my return to the internet. I have not even come close to catching up on all the things I’ve missed.

But whilst perusing some of the internets I particularly love I found that Jen from Sips Of Jen and Tonic made a fabulous post about Sakura-Con. And where I have not Con’d in a while I still appreciate it. Read her post here.

And Then when I scrolled down the page of her post I feel like I met my destiny. To clarify she did not have a strikingly handsome picture of Jon Hamm posted on her site… what she did have is a picture of a glorious Toast costume.

This Toast Equivalent of Tom Hanks is brought to this site by Jen of Sips of Jen and Tonic

And it was like this kismet moment that only happens in a Meg Ryan movie. I just knew that someday I needed to be dressed like a toast. That toast is my Sleepless in Seattle, it is my Joe Fox.

And that brings me to sharing today’s doodle:

And because she helped me find the defining moment in my toast loving life I give this tribute to Jen (I hope you like it):

Thanks Jen for giving me this new toasty dream!

Thank you for finding the toast of my dreams!
♥ and lollipops,

I’m a Crepe… Oh I’m a weirdo

Sometimes the world is beautiful. Last night I went out with Nancy and her awesome coworkers. We dressed fancy went to Mad Men shindig and ate delicious crepes.

Need I say we were the most fancy people in all of Los Angeles last night. Dressed like we were in the 1960s looking fresh & fabulous:

Me, Edric, and Leslie being retro-rific! And the Photo was taken by Tang herself!

Now, looking on the bright side of things, we shall not focus on the fact that we as a group did not get to see Jon Hamm (a devastaion of a lifetime… am I right?) I’m thinking I still have a chance of breaking a dream catcher and hoping Sergio pops up:

Courtesy of: Sydrified

Oooh Jon Hammm. Oh wait, I was changing the subject… I was so excited for my crepe from the Farmers Market that I wanted to inhale it, and also cushioned the blow of the Hamm absence.

Let me tell you how I feel about crepes, the very thought of crepes makes me all smiley (fun factL so does Jon Hamm). I love when they make them and they look like pastry records… and when they are all put together they are like little pieces of heaven with sprinkly sugar on it. Also I like to sing my Crepe infused version of the Radiohead classic “Creep” when I get them too…

This is an artists rendering of me with my crepe:


Nancy’s coworker Edric had a crepe too. However, poor poor Tangy & Leslie gave dessert up for Lent. They were real Troopers though. I nearly hit Tangy with sugar and nutella as I flung my crepe at her in my excitement. Tangy thankfully is easily amused by tea:


(Also I need to make a Leslie doodle, But I need to make it right… Soon, Leslie!)

But the night was lovely, my crepe was delicious and it was a success because we had fun. And nobody was maimed in any of the incidents that occurred (LA traffic can hurt in so many ways).

And also it enlightened me and now I’m thinking of becoming a crepe spokesperson too… Here’s my first advertisement:

And that's like 100% of Lauren's! This Ad was paid for by Lauren's Right to Crepe foundation


When was the last time you had a crepe? Because I think the answer should be… RIGHT NOW!

♫Lauren (the best advertiser of Crepe’s ever!)

TMI Award

The TMI Blog Award honors those blogs that discuss everything in detail and do it well. These bloggers aren’t afraid to discuss their most awkward, embarrassing and intimate experiences with honesty, humor and little to no filter. 

Here are the rules

Thank the person who presented you with award.

Link back to the blogger who presented the award to you.

Share an awkward, embarrassing and intimate in 100 words or less.

Copy and paste the blog award on your blog.

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Let’s Give Thanks and Stuff:

This is a very special award to me! And its the most special of all the awards of you may receive today! Teri from the Narcissist Blog came up with this great idea to make the snazziest award under the sun, and I was so excited to get to collaborate with her to make the image to correspond with it!

I hope the good people of the internet Enjoy this award!

Now let’s get Awkward

I’m a very awkward creature so, this is really hard.  Once at my friend’s graduation I realized the sidewalk was a bit uneven. But it was more convenient than using the grass while and I was in heels. So I proceeded, telling myself to be wary of my steps… and then it happened, my heel was caught in the sidewalk. I slowly realized I was stuck as I tried to step forward and started to fall. Now there were people close to me, who gave me no aid in not hitting the floor. The next thing I knew my dress was all up in the air, my purple leopard underpants were all up on display and this middle-aged man with teenage kids said “Oh wow, that is so embarrassing.” Then of course when I went to find a seat, they were only a few chairs away talking about how embarrassing it was, as I was dusting sandy gravel from my person.

And then I went to a graduation party looking like I had just been in a stage production of “Street Car Named Desire”… all disheveled, with bloody knees, and a partially ripped dress. It was the nicest way to meet your friends family… Party on, bloody legged girl!

Don’t judge me I went over the 100 words…

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Working Hard and Stuff

Hey Everyone, and by everyone I mean the 4-6 people who view this bloggity on a regular basis.
Can you notice anything different?
Hint: Look at the address bar.
Yes I have finally made this site and official thang. You can just type in http://www.viciously-sweet.com instead of searching or clicking about to find it. AWESOME!

I am also working on making my book of doodles. Which will be purchased by at least my mother. So that is also exciting.

But don’t worry, I’m not getting to professional. I’m still thinking about what mischief I can be up to today.
Maybe I’ll post more about that later.


Spiders in your cubicle and much more

So how dumb should I feel that I have worked full-time in this office for almost 3 years and still cannot transfer the phone correctly?
Yeah… I’m not feeling super bright today.
Also the phone situation, completely embarrassing.

On to today’s doodle and then we will talk about why I am glad I am me.

Today I have seen like 3 spiders making settlements in the office. It’s not like we don’t dust (every once in a while.) But seriously why are the spiders around here playing roller coaster tycoon in the office???:

Woomp there’s another one.

Okay and now on to my Liz Lemon moment. I would like to thank that guy from the mall and the lady from Subway who told me I looked like Wonder Woman. You unlike the weirdo who followed me to my car, made me feel like I can be Marcia for once instead of Jan.
I am really tired of girls who only try to get by on their looks… I mean seriously they are going to fade, you should try to be just a little smart. Even if it’s only like 2 subjects. Like for example: Latvian folk music, and Jack Nicholson movies.
More people will be interested in you… I PROMISE.
And looks are like in the eye of the beholder and some junk.. because I know some cute guys with some ugly girlfriends and vice versa.

My friends are kind of wonderful in the fact that they are both smart and beautiful. They have gone to school, received great educations, (know where Libya is), and they don’t throw themselves all over and under men who have no interest in them. Thank you for keeping it classy girls.
Did you know, Christine thinks I’m pretty :)
And I think she’s super delicious, in a totally happening way!
And don’t worry I don’t rely on my looks (just in case you think I have it all happening in a good way)… I rely on my ability to do spot on impersonations of B-List Celebrities.