Professional Quote of the Day: August 29th

The Dab totally called me out for not having a Professional Quote of the day on Friday. I am very sorry, as this could hinder the entire world from learning Eric’s vast professional knowledge.

Today is a very special day in the world of the professional because today he starts molding the minds of children, by teaching them straight up technology!
Welcome to the second semester of Professionalism!
And the second time I get to use this image:

Back to the PQOTD!

Since Eric has now decided to double professor it, in addition to being the Most Treasured Professional in the San Gabriel Valley this quote should mean so much more to the people than it did before:

Hey Eric, I get confused all the time. I suppose I should call you more… like when you are in class, or when I’m have a philosophical dilemma at 4 in the A.M.
Thanks for offering!
Lets see his number is… 1(800) Professional ext. Eric

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