Work Diary: May 24th

Today has been a busy day at work. Really really busy. It’s a day that will go down in history as “pretty darn busy.” It was also the kind of day that separates professionals from the… not professionals.

And let me be the first to tell you… I’m on the professional side.

Everything now makes so much more sense. The files seem much fuller, the text more encrypted than even before. Pixels more squarer than they have ever been… The codes for LA County crisp, as a magnificent apple in my mind.

If I were like a zany professional teen, I would write this down in my hello kitty diary quicker than anything ever before, but I’m too sophisticated for that… I have the power of doodles:

And everyone take note that it was a CC:’d email, not a BCC:’d email so it was no secret!

♥ & breifcases,

Professional Quote of the Day: February 17th

Welcome to the Professional Quote of the Day! This is where the internet gets real Professional!

Today Eric (the most treasured Professional in the San Gabriel Valley) got very reflective. And that has nothing to do with his pants that are made of solar panels (which are made up, but I think he’d wear them).

He’s was having one of those moments when he thinking about his place in the world, and his future as a professional. It got very deep, there were a few tears, some resolutions made… and oh yes, about 3 slices of chocolate cake.

But all that led him to this quote, Today’s Professional Quote of the Day:

And then when asked if there was an end to striving for professionalism he said this:

Fun Fact: The Pursuit of Professionalism just goes on and on like the Titanic theme!

Yeah I know that’s technically 2 quotes, but they will be on the test*!


*And they very well could be as he is a Professional Professor  too! He actually will take any job that has “pro” in the title.

Having a “Wonder”ful day at work

Work has been really quite busy as of late.

My boss thinks I know enough stuff to manage my own projects which is very different from the view of architecture I usually have… which is in essence draw and print.

I have in the last few weeks been learning the differences and backing capabilities of carpet…  experiencing meetings about wall hung toilets and drain pipes, answering engineers questions, measuring trelli (that is my plural of trellis, because I’m not a fan of the word trellises).

Also today I had to tell a client that we’re running late on his new project because he keeps making changes to his old projects. In essence he back-burner-ed himself.

As you can tell, I’m basically experiencing the most exciting thing architecture really has to offer you… which is work.

However all this work has seriously made me want to make changes to my business cards:


On my break today I will be making a cuffs and a crown…


Professional Quote of the Day: November 9th

Good Afternoon All You Professional Quote of the Day Readers!

Some people have many questions about professionalism… Like: How can I tell if someone is a real professional or if they are a professional poseur? Is there some sort test a doctor can give you to see if you come up positive being a professional? Do they have reflections? Are they a card carrying organization?

These are very interesting questions with very interesting answers:

Firstly, you should ask them if there name is Eric, this may be a direct correlation to professionalism (science is still investigating this.)

Secondly, there is no official test to prove your professionalism. Sorry about that.

Thirdly, Yes professionals usally have reflections, you may be confusing them with vamp——-

Wait, you know the best way to find out about professionals is to read the criteria as specified by California’s Professional Hero:

Remember this pro-mantra, and maybe someday you will transform into a professional yourself.


Professional Quote of the Day: August 29th

The Dab totally called me out for not having a Professional Quote of the day on Friday. I am very sorry, as this could hinder the entire world from learning Eric’s vast professional knowledge.

Today is a very special day in the world of the professional because today he starts molding the minds of children, by teaching them straight up technology!
Welcome to the second semester of Professionalism!
And the second time I get to use this image:

Back to the PQOTD!

Since Eric has now decided to double professor it, in addition to being the Most Treasured Professional in the San Gabriel Valley this quote should mean so much more to the people than it did before:

Hey Eric, I get confused all the time. I suppose I should call you more… like when you are in class, or when I’m have a philosophical dilemma at 4 in the A.M.
Thanks for offering!
Lets see his number is… 1(800) Professional ext. Eric

Professional Quote of the Day: July 26th

Today’s Eric quote of the day is something that he says all the time, this truthful statement is like the air he breathes.
True Story, this is actually his first words of the day, everyday. He actually wakes up in the morning, brushes his teeth, gazes up into the mirror says:

That is how he gets pumped to start his professional day