2012: A Year of Joy, Stupidity and Raptors

Jolly Hollers Internet,

It’s a brand new year. I know people are running down the streets claiming to be changed people, just because as Andre 3000 would say “the year is so fresh, and so clean-clean of their previous errors.”

I am not the kind of person who does that whole resolution thing, because I have the world’s shortest attention plan,  I usually procrastinate so long that I find myself making resolutions in May. I actually like to try to make promises to myself on my birthday to make changes in my life, because unlike those people who plan their babies to be born on January 1st to win a motorcycle. My new year starts November 16, and when I make birthday goals, they are usually just fun, for example giggle as much as humanly possible- Now I giggle in my sleep, true story.

Well this year I read something that Amy Poehler said and it makes me think I should make a resolution to have more fun than ever before, and enjoy all the things that are just the best,

“Boys and girls—no one looks stupid when they’re having fun.”

I love it so much, I think this may be my new life motto.

So that weird thing you want to do… I’m in, if its fun.

And there is nothing I have more fun doing than making doodles so without any further hesitation…I present you the years first magnificent doodle:

Fun Fact: Raptors Are most Joyous when they are eating your face.

I hope 2012 s so great that we all feel like our faces are being eaten by raptors.


Also good luck to all you resolution makers… I hope you succeed like crazy.

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