Hi, I’m the weird girl!

I have been procrastinating on writing my speech for my sister’s wedding. As her maid of honor , and only person in her wedding party…Yes, that is right I am the party!

Back to my speech procrastinating… My dad has had his speech written for weeks. And as my mother lovingly threatened that she wants to hear this speech before I tell everyone at the reception that me and my sister like to watch Maury Povich’s “Baby Daddy” episodes, talk with  Jennifer Lopez accent when we want to make fun of each other, and enjoy wrapping our hair around our face to pretend to have a mustache… but then again who doesn’t do that stuff?

Last night I was stressing about the words I would say to wish my sister well. And then as I started to write them my mother told me this golden nugget:

“Remember not every one gets your humor.”


I just would like to say that the time for weird girls is upon us. Actually, it’s also cool for the gents too… I mean Tina Fey, Gonzo the Muppet, Amy Poehler, Jimmy Fallon, Zooey Deschanel, Margaret Thatcher… The world is crazy for those goobers.

Also, thanks mom you always know what to say.


5 thoughts on “Hi, I’m the weird girl!

  1. OK, so not to creep you out or anything, but its quite possible we are living parallel lives, thousands of miles apart. Yeah ok, so it is a little creepy. But did you read my post – The moment you realise your not the only weirdo? Or the one titled – If I were a fictional character, I’d be the New Girl.

    Ooooh, spooky. As long as you weren’t born in a little Australian hospital to parents John and Norma, I think we can safely rule out the “twins separated at birth” theory. :)

    1. You aren’t creeping me out, however the Valentine Greeting I got today from a number I’m not accustomed to certainly did.

      I would love to think we could be twins, born continents apart (As I was born in the LA area) both being weird and having people call us Jess, and Liz Lemon… with strangers following us in the streets insisting our real name is Valerie (that has happened to me.)

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