The Great Potty Dilemma

Today’s Postie is real short & sweet.

My boss changed locations in the office and now is seated next to me. This is not a problem, I have a great boss… and now I don’t need to remember how to forward phone calls to him. But it does bring another problem to light. I sit next to the bathroom, which is also great because I love having super easy bathroom access. However this brings me to a problem I have:


It’s not like I do weird things in the restroom. (I hardly ever lock myself in there to sing Hall & Oates songs, cry, or reenact the civil war.) But it doesn’t matter! There is something that makes me paranoid of people noticing I go to the bathroom like every hour on the hour… espcially if that person is my boss. I am not completely crazy right?

And just in case there are any questions his desk is situated in a way where upon exiting the potty you make eye contact with him while returning to your seat. see my diagram:


Anyways tomorrow is Jon Hamm’s birthday. I must start on a doodle for that.


14 thoughts on “The Great Potty Dilemma

  1. Maybe you can sneak your bathroom breaks in when your boss has to get up and go somewhere. Or you could be like me. I don’t care who sees me.

  2. I think that when you’re in the restroom you should make loud grunting noises and shout “come on, you can do it!” Maybe your boss will move desks again. hehehehe

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