The Nostradamus Award

The following doodle came from one of those gray moments in life. And sadly not a Dorian Gray kind of moment. And… not exactly a 50 Shades of Gray moment in life (shout out to Amber who read those books twice). But yet a moment that could have been narrated well by Gilbert Gottfried.

I pray that someday he will narrate my life story…

Any who, on with the non specifics. Where as most will have to wait for my life story* to get the full details on this particular event in my life, we can all share this doodle. Basically, I never realized how important things you learn in high school are. Exponential Mathematics, running laps, learning how to do a Southern accent to be in “Steel Magnolias” never have done me any good in my real life. I never realized how having to read the Scarlet Letter outloud in school 9 years ago saved my life:

So, I sit here and wonder if and when I will employ any of those terrifying facts I learned from “Wuthering Heights”…

And note to all the people out there: The only time I’ll be “Scarlet” is when I’m playing “Clue.” She gets to go first, and in the Office Edition it’s Pam… and I am totally a Pam.

*The tentative title is “Love and Lollipops and Daggers: the Truest tales of Lauren”

4 thoughts on “The Nostradamus Award

  1. I have to admit I did not get all of the references in that post but as always I admire Doodle Lauren’s outfit. Ever thought about designing clothes instead of buildings?

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