Now with Sugar Coating

I was feeling a little more vicious last week than sweet, so I hid in a cave with the Phantom of the Opera until the fed-ex man of my emotions showed up with a new box of sweetness.

And while sitting there with my new freind Phanty I tried to reflect on what I needed in life. What can make this Lauren incredibly happy? What is it that I really need? After watching Season 2 of “Samantha Who”, I discovered a few things I need:
– To let myself realize that I am going to make mistakes, and not to overburden myself with them
-To finish reading Pride and Prejudice
-To take my tests to get my Architectural License.
-Actually go kayaking, hey there Isabel.
-To Do whatever else I please, with a smile on my face.
-Eat a boat load of pastries

And yes sir, that’s all I need.

I’m going to go work on my sugary coating.


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