Isabel Stare-a-thon 2012: Enhanced Magnification

So I have been a little lax with the stare-a-thon posts. It’s because I got lost in the gaze I was holding Isabel in. I actually realized that I hadn’t even blinked in 12 days.

Apparently I’m not the only one who just can’t stop staring. Not only has Christine and the entire state of Nebraska got all caught up in the stare-a-thon holiday season…

According to the latest posts on TMZ, this old-timey Sherlock Holmes has a stare-a-thon addiction. He can’t even stop an solve a case. He hasn’t solved 1 whole case in the last month… Sherlock Holmes is sadly locked in the staring hold. But he did pose for this brief photo for the stare-a-thon.

So keep staring everyone… But don’t stare so long that you get stuck that way.


8 thoughts on “Isabel Stare-a-thon 2012: Enhanced Magnification

  1. You haven’t blinked in 12 days!!!! ????? Damn chick your eyeballs need some Visine LOLOL you’re crazy!!! No wonder I luv ya!

    I have this crazy notion that I’ll do a stare down with Keanu Reeves (don’t hate me for loving him). If I wanted kids, he’s be the Daddy lololol. I think our kids would turn out real cute, crazy and sounding like “high” surf bums.

    1. Well I am a crazy chick… am I not?

      And for serious… I love Keanu Reeves too. No one else understands it… mostly just guys don’t understand it!!! I love his surfer voice, and he’s so tall and basically he’s a hunksicle… I’m going to google search him and sigh right now.

      1. I think they are totally jealous that they are not as righteous of a dude as he is. I know at least one of my friends was severely jealous of my ♥ of Mr. Reeves… like I am really going to run away with him and start a new life. At least now if I do, I know that at least one person will approve :)

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