The Translation


I have not been posting lately and it’s because I don’t know what I should be posting. How can one little happy Lauren feel so feisty during this season. All I have wanted to do is just enjoy my family and a season where we cover everything in lights and sparkles.

But things keep happening:

-Like having to be around people who don’t like me… in a party setting.

-Being yelled at by a woman in the Disney story while picking up a present for my nieces. (I accidentally walked into the cashier line while I was looking at stuffed animals, she chastised me for my carelessness, and I thanked her for her holiday gratitude.) (Also, sorry Tony and Season… I already bought them more toys.)

-Having to witness grown people throwing fits about the “quality” of presents they are receiving. I don’t care if it’s not a designer… it is nice because someone thought of you when they found it… and not everyone can afford Cartier.


Thie following doodle was inspired by the mariachi my family has on Christmas eve at our family party. And I am dedicating a message to all you holiday kerfluffers:

It’s  just so hard to like it, when it’s being a grinch!!!!

So even thought Santa is on vacation until next year…I’m just saying you should just be nice… or I’m going to shake a maraca in your face… And remember no one wants a maraca in their face before the new year!

Happy last days of 2012 everybody!


4 thoughts on “The Translation

    1. Well Tharpster… there are 2 ladies who just aren’t that keen on me. And I have to see them every year at the holiday’s, and it kills me.
      After this month I get to live the rest of my year with just the people who like me though!!!
      Also Happy New Years to you!

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