Stress, Potato Salad and Happiness

Happy April Fools Day/ First Day of April/Kris Marshall’s birthday/ 88th Anniversary of the Formation of The Royal Canadian Air Force.

Today I have had a lot to deal with:

-really stressful deadlines! I mean I was already running late today and then I come in and everything is the worst and due at the same time… Um give me a moment to panic:

I already didn’t take a lunch! I can’t find extra time!

-Trying to set up appointments so my car can look less crunchy from behind. Never a problem for a Kardashian… but, it’s a problem from my car’s rearside.

FUN FACT: I drive a candy bar. And… well summers are very sticky.

-making my stapler fancy:

It’s costume is so cool it’s now in the Justice League in the corner of my desk… The Scurvy Stapler of Justice is here!

– Defeating the evil in my general area. It’s a real affliction over here. And for a few weeks I’ve retreated… but there is only so long I can be pushed around until I get all well Warrior Princess on you.

Your Nonsense: I will shut it all down! All of our office supplies will have faces!!! BWA HA HA!

-eating my potato salad while it was still cool from refrigeration .

It’s been out of the fridge since 9!!!!! And now it’s lunchtime!!!!!

(The last one was much harder than it sounded. It took about 45 minutes to get to eat it between all the work I was doing, and our office fridge is still not functioning.)


But today is just not a day I want to remember being stressed out for. Because, I choose no to! There has to be a silver-lining to this Garfield grumbling of a Monday! So now that I’ve finished 2 deadlines, some mildly cool potato salad, and set up an appointment for my car to get some reconstructive surgery… I can share something really wonderful with the people who read this blog:

“San Francisco” from the Mowgli’s- this song is like sunshine and love had a baby, and their baby became musical.

This song according to Amber is very hipster. It probably is, but I think it is 100% fun. And you can hear it blaring out of my car everywhere I drive lately. And I even have a horrible Polynesian/ belly-dance dance for it!


And here’s a little doodle to go along with all the joy in this post:

It is because you make it that way!


(All images, besides mine are courtesy of the rad people who host thangs on IMGUR)


7 thoughts on “Stress, Potato Salad and Happiness

    1. All the other staplers just have bowties, or sunglasses but mine has real style.
      Also I’m glad you enjoy that song blast it throughout that chilly climate of Canada… I’m sure it will bring spring a lot sooner :)

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