Keep it together

Clip it all together and keep it in your reach.

I made this last year and I apparently forgot to post it.

I made this during a time when all I was doing felt wrong. And I can tell you it came from frustration and me thinking that I was failing at everything.

Now I am not. I know I am not, and I cannot tell you in words how great it feels.

I am now surrounded by books containing knowledge, and people who are happy to see me. It feels lovely. I rarely think about how I felt at the time I drew this doodle now.

I was anxious. I was nervous. I was wishing to be somewhere else.

Is this all too deep for a Friday?

I hope that everyone can keep it together this weekend… but never forget that there are always paper clips there to help. They could be literal paperclips, binders, staples and what nots… or they could be friends, family, or even Mindy Kaling’s tv show.

I hope that if you need them you find paperclips of your own.


P.S I have been reading the history of Uppity Women by Vicki Leon and the works of James Thurber. Both are fantastic.


New Years Eve and Lauren

I am not a big New Years Eve person.

I don’t know why. I like to be sparkly, I like to drink. But I guess I like to do it on my own days and decisions.

But I do like to have a silly little at home party on NYE.

I will be looking forward tonight to doing some things I find irresistible.


Watching TV.

Wearing sparkly jewelry while doodling.

The only difficult thing that I have to say is that I have to choose between which of two shows to watch “Airwolf” or “Ally McBeal”?

Who shall I share the new year with?

I love a lazy new year!

Anyways I think my New Years resolution is to doodle more, and have more fun than ever before!

I hope you have a fun night and great next year too!


Head in the clouds

I definitely feel spaced out.

This time of year always has so much stuff to get done. It’s hard to savor a moment.

And then all my spare time lately has been learning highly specific things about architecture. As someday soon I would like to have my license and be able to sign my name to all the drawings of buildings I feel confident and proud to say that I have worked on.

I have been finding a lot of my nights that don’t involve dancing, or shopping for lovely gifts for my family have been me reading about new types of construction, lateral loads, wind forces, and proper ventilation.

And it’s doing funny things to my brain.

It has several times in the last month made my brain feel overloaded.

Like I can tell you about foundation underpinning, but I forgot which way is left.

Or I can explain to you LEED requirements but I can’t remember what a hoagie is.

“I want one of those long sandwiches… with the meaty goodness  and the cheese. You know what talking about!!!!”

And the saddest thing of all is I can’t even retain silly television trivia.

My brain has temporarily shut down on all things I find interesting.

And has replaced it with buildings and ceilings, and details of stairs.




Isabel Stare-A-Thon 2013: Far Far Away

I have been very neglectful in reporting on the stare-a-thon this year.

But it’s still going on strong.

So strong in fact that now even galaxies far, far away are participating in the visual celebration of Isabel:

Isabel stare-a-thon started long long ago… you know :)

Staring is caring everybody.

And as this shows even robots like to stare. I wish I knew more about what was happening here… it looks like they are good starers though. They could make a movie about it called “Stare  Wars” even.

Happy Staring everyone!


Gather round the Mitten Tree

Today my dear friend Veronica told me that it’s “Mitten Tree Day”

A day when people put mitten on trees.

Now initially I thought it was to prevent trees from getting frostbite or just to feel empathy for the trees that have to stay outside while we are in our comfy homes.

It is actually a day started when a lady noticed some kids didn’t have mittens in really snowy cold weather so she made them and clipped them on the tree so they could take a pair if they needed it. Which is really beautiful, and is something that should be shared. We should all try to something sweet for people in need, with or without the glory. If you think about it we have so much to share with people! Even if you think it’s not much, it could mean something special to someone else!

What I will do at least for right now is make a doodle and hope that it gives someone a little smile on their face:

Take a mitten and warm a tree :)

Thanks for the idea and great inspiration Vero!


Introduction to Thon

I am not always permitted to put doodles of my coworkers online… except for the incredibly tall and full of life Amber…

But this one seems especially pertinent to post.

This is an introduction to “Thon” 

If I had to write a biography on him these are precisely the things I would say:

-He is a brave and creative curator of  this years Isabel stare-a-thon.

-He handles the large colony of spiders that live at my desk, and sometimes takes them outside so they can live in a place where I don’t have to experience them landing on my bare knees.

-He keeps an incredible amount of paper tubes at his desk. I think he’s going to make a raft out of them, so he can live the dream of forging a river Oregon Trail style (and by that I mean super unsuccessfully.)

-He has and uses a magic 8 ball for all of life’s important questions, or at least what he should eat for lunch. (which is an important question)

-And he is the riskiest person on your team at trivia Tuesdays… he will always go for double or nothing, even though the result is almost always the nothing.

-and one other thing that is much easier illustrated: 

It’s true it’s all flippy and the sort.

And like most other dudes with Jim Halpert hair he has no quarrels about this…

When contacted Jim Halpert only had this reaction to his folicle buddy:

Image courtesy of “Jim Halpert faces” Tumblr

And seriously, they both make that face…

I think this is the best and briefest introduction I have ever accomplished.

(Authors Note: Amber just told me his hair is now longer than the standard Jim… but the doodle still stands.)


Isabel Stare-a-thon: Lisa Frank

On today’s edition of the celestial Isabel stare-a-thon it seems that now Isabel has traveled further than the solar system and is now even out of this galaxy

She’s practically interplanet Janet from school house rock:

I forgot to post this on wednesday!

Happy Staring!


Everybody Dance Now!

I have been on an exercising kick lately.

And you would think that would mean I’m literally melting off the pounds…

Well no, not exactly. I feel hungrier than a linebacker on their way to the Super Bowl as a side effect.

But that is not what I want to focus on here. This is where I admit I had a soda and a hostess cupcake for lunch, but seriously all the sugar that’s been around me I feel like it is literally in the air whispering my name… and who am I to deny how much sugar wants to be eaten?

I will certainly not be the girl who denies sugar.

Oh wait- – –

I was talking about my attempts of being more active.

I, as you all know, am not athletic.

Like basically any sport you can think of that has coordination as a part of it… is something I simply will not be good at. Just ask all the guys who have tried to teach me to golf, or play basketball. At least they have fun admitting I will never learn, but am a tenacious trier.

One thing I have discovered that I’m not so bad at is… dance. On my quest of exercise I’ve been spending a lot of my non-studying time in the world of belly-dance. It’s an amazing art form. So much hip shaking and sparkles. And when I’m not reading about sustainable this and that’s for the test I have in a month… I’ve been dancing. (This is actually why I’ve had very little doodles to share, sorry about that Internet.)

On Friday there was a performance with some of the girls I dance with. It was so fun and sparkly and beautiful. It was my first belly-dancing event and I even left the show so swathed in the scent of incense that I thought the Pope was going to bless people with me.

I was inspired to actually doodle some business, and rather than focusing on how I smelled like a Palm Sunday mass… I thought of a simple fun doodle:

I wish I was dancing right now!

I wish I was dancing right now and not sitting at work…

It’s that time of year when I have very little desire to be here in general. I think it’s because I know that none of these people like each other*… and that I still have 48 hours of vacation that I haven’t taken this year!

I’m going to remedy that next week by running away.

And on vacation I’m going to dance, doodle and very much not work.

Happy Monday!


*I’m still trying to figure out if this is an exaggeration… But at the very least there are office mean girls (and they are not girls)

Isabel Stare-a-thon: Fireworks

I got caught up all in the holiday of last week and forgot some important postings.

So to make up for it… I put on my Katy Perry thinking bra and I made Isabel into a firework….

Did you know that second to Clay Aiken… Katy Perry is also a huge Isabel stare-a-thon fan?

You know it’s true.

Isabel owns the night like the 4th of July:

She’s a firework and a teenage dream… Isabel is probably Katy Perry’s biggest inspiration.

Happy Staring!