Monday Mermaid!

I’ve been on a cat doodling frenzy.

And since I get to see my cat for very few hours during the week. I think about what he’s doing. But with my imagination it’s always more extreme than the truth… he’s asleep somewhere.

So today during my work break time I made this little friend:

This little mer-cat went to market

Also, this is how long it took for my new coworkers to find out that I illustrate. I in turn got a request, and I made a coworker a trophy doodle for having a very clean desk… and now that the doodle is on her desk, I think I may have ruined her record.

Any ways I hope everyone had a good mother’s day weekend. Whether you are an actual mother, have had a mother, or mother a few little pets.

Here’s to a good week.



8 thoughts on “Monday Mermaid!

  1. Sorry you only have a few hours with your kitty each week. I cherish my time with the family cats, even if they completely ignore me all day when I’m home alone on days off. Even the neighborhood stray kitty visits the smoking deck daily for a back rub and chin scratch when I’m there. Mer-cats are awesome, but I bet the litter box is a mess !

    1. My cat is very clingy… actually he’s sitting on me because I got home.
      He’a actually interfering with my ability to type.
      And I think Mer-cats are super dangerous because the sea is their litter box.

      1. No. Elliott is perfect. My personal favorite otter’s name is Thomas and that doesn’t sound like it should be an otter name but it is pretty damn perfect…. :-)

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