Whitest Sneakers

This doodle is more like a fan shout out than a personal thing.

Everyone who watches TV knows the Office is ending after 9 season’s of being on the air. And well I think I may have mentioned it before on this site I’m a fan of the crazy antics of Dunder-Mifflin all the characters are so zany yet grounded that we can relate and feel like we know them.

Personally, I work with a girl like Kelly,

I won’t name names.

a guy like Ryan,

I get this face every time I walk into our annex.

an Andy/Dwight,

He may be the most professional of us all… still not naming names.

and even a Pete.

Just because he’s new doesn’t mean he’s any less important.

I have always related to early season’s Pam and well now that Pam is grown up and has it together, I can relate more to Erin. I have always loved to draw, and I’m a little bit on the kooky side, and I am awful at Scrabble. And I love to assist in pranking  our Andy/Dwight as much as humanly possible, and he CANNOT take a joke.

I have sounded like this on many an occasion,… this is probably why I’m not let around a lot of clients…

So in this Office nostalgic post… I share with the lovely internet, a Pam Beesly drawing that I made very ironically, while at work:

Thanks for the giggles Pam!

Also I wonder who could guess which coworkers are which :)


One of those Days…

I have spent too much time away from my blog.

And I have suffered consequences.

I am stressed, my hair is turning white. I am drinking 2 sodas a week. And umm.. I can’t think of a third thing…. but I’m sure that it’s happening… and that it is on the equivalent of 2 sodas bad.

I guess I have been too busy. But that doesn’t really excuse me, because a lot of my joy is sharing silliness with people. In a strange was it is what calms me. And right now I totally need this before I start work-related-crying. (I have been redoing the same project every other hour for the last 15 work hours… and none of the printers are working and… my head is about to explode.)

So I took a moment during my lunch break to color a few things and this is one of them.

Because I am such an odd bird, I don’t really think this drawing needs much context… because well this kind of stuff happens to me… a lot:

It’s been one of those days. Just hand me my spotted wings.



If you have nothing nice to say…

*cricket sounds*

Right now I’m going through one of those if you have nothing nice to say kind of moments.

And dear Internet, I need some help before I get really mad.

I am really at the end of my tether with this bad time coworker of mine. Everything is everyone else’s fault, everyone is undermining and being mean to them. They can say mean and rude things, but no one can say anything back without basically being the anti-christ.

Actually, no Internet. I will correct myself… I don’t work with Taylor Swift… but there is a special place in hell reserved for me according to this person. And, as long as they are not there… I will take it.

The worst thing is lately, I have been having such a great time in the office. Let’s just say… practically all of our office supplies have homemade top hats, or pope hats.

And then it happened. Today was the last straw when the fun police swooped in, and my personality became the issue. My personality! I’m sorry I’m too cheerful, and try to make the office a nice place to be in. I’m sorry I leave little notes and happy things around the office.

Actually, wait  a minute. I am not sorry. I am not sorry for a damned thing. And for the risk of becoming really mad I will say nothing else. I’m going to retreat for the rest of the day, just to maintain some cheer.

Snarky side note to said coworker: Why don’t you just go talk about tree trimming for another 20 minutes? Everyone found it really captivating last time… and by everyone, I mean no one.

But don’t think I”m giving up. I will survive. And  tomorrow I’m coming at you with the sparkly fury of Rainbow Bright. And you will be my murky dismal.


A visual study of Amber’s Headache

So Amber has a headache today. And she told me that it was killing her brain.

After instructing her to make her pain into glorious art she handed me this glorious friend:

“Headache” by Amber-guesa


Enjoy it and savor the fact your head has no red lightning bolts attacking it today. Also, Amber does not believe she is an artist…. But I believe she is a very good one!!!


p.s. my favorite part is that she is naked, in her drawing and while she answers phones.

Confessions With Lauren: It’s all in the eyes

Even though mom said they would stay that way.

Even though I do it so hard I feel the rotation.

Even when I know I messed up my eye makeup when I’m doing it.

I just can’t help myself:

They are just going to roll away and leave me one of these days, and I’m going to be all eye-less and I”m going to have to put buttons there like that “Coraline” story.

Sadly, one of my coworkers knows that when they talk, I roll my eyes at them. In my I can’t help myself defense…this is  because I know everything they say is the worst.

BUT ROLLING EYE BONUS: It stops them from saying my eyes are so “mysterious” and “alluring”. Seriously. Pervy.

ALSO NOTED: Writing about my absurdly quiet office is becoming  a bummer. They need to get it together.


Hair Room

Today’s post is going to be really brief:

Basically, it’s like the only private moment I get in my day…

I know that it is really childish to hide in your hair to avoid things.. but sometimes you just can’t help yourself. Also my hair smells like coconuts so it’s like a little tropical vacation.

On a “I may be crazy” side note: My sister says when I get to the point where I want to hide in my hair, I should really take some time off of work or whatever I am doing… but sadly, I cannot… So I’m going to book a conference for one in Hair Room, ahoy!


Making Faces at the Camera

I work in a very special place. I have discussed it many times. There are many awkward mishaps, tears, laughter, and so many broken refrigerators you may think I work in a refrigerator repair shop.

And even though I’m like 10 feet from a broken fridge as I type, I am still pretty sure I am not working in the fabulous world of refrigerator repair.

Yep, that fridge is broken. Welcome to room temperature water for 2.5 months (so far).

Not everything is something to complain about… Our water is deliciously free, and I do have my own stapler. But then sometimes, like at lunch everything is going fine and then all of a sudden everything stops being okay. I sit there and take in all the people I work with ripping on each other. Sometimes I interject, and try to shut it down:

Shut this convo down… for sure!

But a lot of the time I just look to the side and pray that a camera crew is watching us, because there is no way things like should really happen like this in real life.

Wow did I have to learn that about your wife/ girlfriend who irrationally doesn’t like me already? And now I can think about that first the next time I have to see them, after months of successfully avoiding them? I didn’t think presents could get better.

And then there is the general non-acceptance that happens between different people with “different” personalities:

-You have a dream, you may not want to share that sucker… Because there is someone there to generally crush it, while eating a plate of rice and sausages.

-You want to keep anything a secret? Well you might as well just keep that to yourself… otherwise you might as well print it out and hand it to everyone in memo form.

– You just want to say something nasty about someone you spend most of your waking hours with? Why don’t you just do it so everyone can pretend it didn’t happen… or pray that it didn’t…

-Care to talk about highly specific beliefs or political views? Why don’t you just share them with everyone?

– How about harass people? Why don’t’ you just go for it? Why don’t you make them really uncomfortable? How about you do that until they start to cry?


Just keep on keeping on… I’ll be there praying that all of this isn’t really happening:

It’s been a long day.


The Lauren Way

So I’m all stuck at work today. And outside couldn’t be more beautiful. I know this is true, because I saw it at lunchtime while eating pudding in my coworkers car. That isn’t a weird thing…

So how can you deal with this cruel peek at the beautiful world a then return to your bleak little cubicle? You can handle it the Lauren Way! I just sit in my cubicle and make things cuter than they actually appear!

For example: Your plain old boring stapler? Try to make it yellow and then coordinate everything you can to it!

This is my stapler… my nails match it now, and so does my post-its. Someday it will look like the sun is coming from my cubicle, true story!


And doodles… well, just make sure they make something cuter than it actually needs to be:

This is how I get through tough times… I draw regular items as even cuter then they actually appear.

Oh, and Indulge in your silliness. You may not think it’s the best thing, career wise…and it may not get you as far as someone with a total stick up their butt and a jacket with straight up lapels… BUT, you won’t get bogged down in the junkiness of a regular work day, either. And sometimes the carpet sample guy will bring you a big throw rug just because you make work fun (that is a true story!)

Can you expect anyone else to be giggly and happy for you?

And soon enough it will be 5pm and you can go home and dance until you pass out. Oh darn, I think I just gave away my plans. Also I should study and draw more cute things. #ALLMYDREAMSAREWEIRD


Starburst Fort

Okay so I’m going to keep this post very brief because this is a dangerous subject. The subject is negativity. And I don’t want to think/type about it longer than I have to. Because it will cause sad rain clouds to form over me, and I will be washed away into the sea of sadness.

But personally, I really do have a negative cloud in my life. I try to ignore it, and hide it and push it away… And since it is a person that I have contact with quite often… it’s hard to make sure that their negativity keeps out of my silver lining.

Actually, I even got a stapler the color of sunshine to combat the grey cloud of murky that this person is to me.

Where I can do nothing about this problem in real life.. except for becoming a nomadic outcast like the Incredible Hulk… at least doodle Lauren can do something about it:

It’s the most delicious fort material I could find

Keep all the murky dismal away from you this week with starbursts! I hear that it totally works