Starburst Fort

Okay so I’m going to keep this post very brief because this is a dangerous subject. The subject is negativity. And I don’t want to think/type about it longer than I have to. Because it will cause sad rain clouds to form over me, and I will be washed away into the sea of sadness.

But personally, I really do have a negative cloud in my life. I try to ignore it, and hide it and push it away… And since it is a person that I have contact with quite often… it’s hard to make sure that their negativity keeps out of my silver lining.

Actually, I even got a stapler the color of sunshine to combat the grey cloud of murky that this person is to me.

Where I can do nothing about this problem in real life.. except for becoming a nomadic outcast like the Incredible Hulk… at least doodle Lauren can do something about it:

It’s the most delicious fort material I could find

Keep all the murky dismal away from you this week with starbursts! I hear that it totally works


6 thoughts on “Starburst Fort

  1. Too bad you can’t put a sunshine staple on this negative person … someday the gray cloud of this negative person will burst … but what will it cause? Acid rain perhaps? Oh no what am I thinking? Scratch that … just keep thinking about your burst of sunshine. Digging this now.

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