Gather round the Mitten Tree

Today my dear friend Veronica told me that it’s “Mitten Tree Day”

A day when people put mitten on trees.

Now initially I thought it was to prevent trees from getting frostbite or just to feel empathy for the trees that have to stay outside while we are in our comfy homes.

It is actually a day started when a lady noticed some kids didn’t have mittens in really snowy cold weather so she made them and clipped them on the tree so they could take a pair if they needed it. Which is really beautiful, and is something that should be shared. We should all try to something sweet for people in need, with or without the glory. If you think about it we have so much to share with people! Even if you think it’s not much, it could mean something special to someone else!

What I will do at least for right now is make a doodle and hope that it gives someone a little smile on their face:

Take a mitten and warm a tree :)

Thanks for the idea and great inspiration Vero!


2 thoughts on “Gather round the Mitten Tree

  1. Thanks for explaining that holiday. I wondered about it. Maybe I should put mittens on the trees on my trails to warm them up. It’s gotten really cold here.

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