Head in the clouds

I definitely feel spaced out.

This time of year always has so much stuff to get done. It’s hard to savor a moment.

And then all my spare time lately has been learning highly specific things about architecture. As someday soon I would like to have my license and be able to sign my name to all the drawings of buildings I feel confident and proud to say that I have worked on.

I have been finding a lot of my nights that don’t involve dancing, or shopping for lovely gifts for my family have been me reading about new types of construction, lateral loads, wind forces, and proper ventilation.

And it’s doing funny things to my brain.

It has several times in the last month made my brain feel overloaded.

Like I can tell you about foundation underpinning, but I forgot which way is left.

Or I can explain to you LEED requirements but I can’t remember what a hoagie is.

“I want one of those long sandwiches… with the meaty goodness  and the cheese. You know what talking about!!!!”

And the saddest thing of all is I can’t even retain silly television trivia.

My brain has temporarily shut down on all things I find interesting.

And has replaced it with buildings and ceilings, and details of stairs.




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