Keep it together

Clip it all together and keep it in your reach.

I made this last year and I apparently forgot to post it.

I made this during a time when all I was doing felt wrong. And I can tell you it came from frustration and me thinking that I was failing at everything.

Now I am not. I know I am not, and I cannot tell you in words how great it feels.

I am now surrounded by books containing knowledge, and people who are happy to see me. It feels lovely. I rarely think about how I felt at the time I drew this doodle now.

I was anxious. I was nervous. I was wishing to be somewhere else.

Is this all too deep for a Friday?

I hope that everyone can keep it together this weekend… but never forget that there are always paper clips there to help. They could be literal paperclips, binders, staples and what nots… or they could be friends, family, or even Mindy Kaling’s tv show.

I hope that if you need them you find paperclips of your own.


P.S I have been reading the history of Uppity Women by Vicki Leon and the works of James Thurber. Both are fantastic.


3 thoughts on “Keep it together

    1. Well yes, it is much better. I must admit to you though the people around me have and friends. My job was made redundant last month. So I’ve been just working on small bits and things that float my way. Anyways times aren’t too bad, and I hope yours gets better too :)

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