The Sun’s vacation

Today I heard that I always look like I’m up to something mischievous.  But today they were actually right.

I was up to… secret doodling.

And it’s even better than just secret doodling.  It’s about Alaska. Where my brother is at this very moment. And where he’s experiencing quality with well…


According to my phone weather app there is no sunrise or sunset there today… just sun all day and night.

I hope you have weird nighttime goggles or something Bro.



I have been seeing some weird clothes lately.

Like really really weird clothes.

And although I believe people have the right to express themselves in many ways, maybe work isn’t the best platform for this.

Now that I work in a more fashion forward business, I have noticed that the clothing too is much more “fashion forward” too.

  • Men Dressed like Duckie from “Pretty in Pink.” Check.
  • Women dressed in lace see-through leotards, with a black bra and business pants. It is like Lady Gaga went corporate.
  • A girl who wears rompers made for 3 year olds– her butt has been seen by all! And this has also inspired me to wipe down the seat in the cafeteria anytime I sit there. No, I don’t want to sit there.
  • Women wearing swimsuit tops with mesh shirts over them. Is my shirt see through enough?
  • And that girl who is trying to make wearing a tarp with unlaced combat boots happen. How does she make it up the stairs? I barely make it up the stairs in flats!
  • And my favorite… the petite man who dresses like a 1990s gangster rapper. Including tied bandanna, It’s like I get to see the dantiest Tupac that could ever exist.

Tomorrow I hope that I see someone dressed like a flamingo or like a contestant on RuPaul’s Drag Race. In fact, I’m pretty sure of it.



Miss of Arc

As a connoisseur of weird things. I must confess that one of those things is weird holidays.
You may say after Christmas and Arbor Day that all the cool holidays are through. But how can that really be when  January 21st is Squirrel appreciation day?

Well let me tell you, everyday has a holiday.


Yesterday was learn about composting day. I was not all that into it.

Today I picked a Saint Day to celebrate. .. Joan of Arc.

I have always felt a connection to Miss of Arc. Maybe because I took refuge in a church adorned with tapestries of her life during the most crazy rainstorm I’ve ever been in… or maybe it’s because she was a big part of Bill and Ted passing history class…

Sometimes I can’t even figure my logic.

But she actually was pretty amazing, think of all the things she did with her very short life.
And today my doodle is all about her:


And that quote is fantastic. The best thing I ever said at 14 was “No, I don’t listen to the Backstreet boys.”
We can’t all be cool like Joan.
Happy Friday,

Turn It Up

So we all are a bit strange.

But we are not alone.

Today’s tale in strange is not about me it’s about my dear friend Jimmy.

And to celebrate the fact that he had a new job, I decided to share one of his secrets:

It’s a song that not even I listen to. And I listen to all the cheesy tunes.

For those of you who want to know more about this:

Personally when I’m cleaning I would prefer to listen to a hip song like “Let’s here it for the boy” by Deniece Williams.

Congratulations on your new job Jimmy and your cleaning song.


Cat Mirror

I’ve been seeing a lot of mirrors lately. Mostly because all I’ve been working on for days is new fitting room prototypes.

Angled. Wall mounted. Suspended.  Oversized. Displayed with a side of granite.
I’m basically becoming the Bubba Gump of mirrors. 
But no one so far at work has suggested this one:

Mirror with a side Elliott ornamentation

It’s official my brain needs this long weekend.

The Benefits

For some reason architecture departments are like 98% all dudes.

Even at new office there are 15 guys in the department and only one other lady. Now this means you will talk about old comedies, sports, and how the other art departments have dudes who put too much time into getting dressed.

But there are also other things that happen…

And I’m not talking about no line to wait to use the ladies room…

I even got a gel pen that freaking erases. IT ACTUALLY ERASES!!!

Oh, and there is free ice cream on Friday.

Have a good weekend!


Mystery Wares

Sometimes your life can be like a fairytale, or sometimes it’s more like weird mystery show that Elvira hosts.

Well this week I was left responsible for cleaning out the fridge… and it felt like I was a character in the latter.

I was in the homestretch of cleaning out that sucker when I came to one particular item.

A simple innocuous tupperware.

Now it had been so long since I have seen this tupperware. I questioned what was inside it…

But it had been so lone since I’ve seen that tupperware like I previously stated it was too afraid.

Minutes after staring and swizzzling this little creature around,

I opened it.

And inside was really old olives.

And it wasn’t very scary after all.

That’s the whole story.


Happy Birthday Nancy!

Yesterday was one of the best days in the whole history of things that happen.

It was Nancy’s Birthday!

Yes you may know Nancy from being a doodle in the bar on the right side of the screen, or being deliciously described on my about page. But she’s so much more! She’s my giggling companion, listens to all my silliness, and can make a great meal… but maybe not a cupcake :)

But I must apologize for my tardy drawing. But quite candidly I didn’t get the drawing up  because well, I was too tired from work to get it colored… and well it needed to be colored!

So without further ado:

I almost sorry to tell you that I was inspired by Pocahontas… and if they monitor the internet at my work (which I know they do). They are going to be who is this girl who google searches elevators, what they are serving for lunch, and pocahontas? Who could be that fascinating? Well that  person would be me.

And why is Nancy in a kayak?

In my defense you invited me to kayak next week.

So all I could think of is you and kayaks…

Happy Birthday Nancy!

Have the best year ever!



Monday Mermaid!

I’ve been on a cat doodling frenzy.

And since I get to see my cat for very few hours during the week. I think about what he’s doing. But with my imagination it’s always more extreme than the truth… he’s asleep somewhere.

So today during my work break time I made this little friend:

This little mer-cat went to market

Also, this is how long it took for my new coworkers to find out that I illustrate. I in turn got a request, and I made a coworker a trophy doodle for having a very clean desk… and now that the doodle is on her desk, I think I may have ruined her record.

Any ways I hope everyone had a good mother’s day weekend. Whether you are an actual mother, have had a mother, or mother a few little pets.

Here’s to a good week.