The Good Old Sin Gauge

Today I have been super busy being all architectural and such. I should probably get back to it ASAP since we’re enjoying a deadline only the citizens of Wonderland would enjoy…

Anywho… I made a typo that I knew would make a fantastic thing to share! One that is only possible for me to create. So newly added to the vaults of things I incorrectly read/type I bring to you the following typo:

let's gauge this sin
I say my sin gauge is at a solid 6.


At least I caught it before it left the office, it could have been much more disastrous in the owner of the projects possession… or even my boss. Once we sent drawings to a meeting that said “Window Lovers” instead of “Window Louvers” it wasn’t my mistake… but it was hilarious.

I’m going to have to go work on my Sin Gauge now… and draw a ramp or something.


P.S. Happy Birthday Eve to Christine and Isabel!

Architecture with Lauren: Changes aren’t just a David Bowie Song

Today I’m going to share some simple truths about Architecture. The stuff they never tell you when you are paying like $35,000 a year to college, and stuff a professor who wears all black, and drinks only Voss water will never comprehend.

♦ Clients are not notes on paper. Unlike the list of requirements they give you in school…they are real people, and they have opinions.

♦ Just like regular people they have the right to change their minds… and they do so very often. And sometimes while they are telling you about changes, they are changing their mind. (Never get rid of old versions of drawings until it is the final project!)

♦ Clients unlike your professors usually don’t wear berets (never met a beret clad client yet).

♦ Most clients do not want you to re-explain parts of projects that they do not like. Re-explaining your reasoning for putting a 3 tiered fountain and skylight in their ladies room will only make them hate you just a little more than they already do… (because we all know you put that fountain there without them asking you to do so).

♦ You should listen to your clients, because they are paying for a space for themselves… unless you are paying, don’t make a space for yourself. See below for more details.


I work with people who like to change their mind… a lot. Most changes are completely  monetary based, like the amount they are allowed to spend on the project was cut. Or because there are finishes, like super sweet marble floors that they want, and now can’t afford to finish the last 30% of the project:

Now, like clients… designers have feelings too. Yes, we’re not all clickity-clackity-computers over here. But most of the time we understand the client’s need to change things in the project:

Now I have already said never make a space for yourself because you will end up brokenhearted. But, we are just people after-all… and truthfully designers do this all the time. Personally I like to put one thing in each project I think is super special… Because to the designer, that extra detail,  special glass, paint color, or even large expensive couch makes everything that you will take out of the project, okay… That is until the client wants to get rid of that thing… and then this happens:

And then we lock ourselves up in our car and cry whilst listening to Celine Dion’s cover of “All By Myself”… and then eat tons of junk food to make it all better (Don’t tell Richard Simmons).

And that was today’s Architecture lesson. I think I should be a professor, and tell these kids before it’s too late…


The Smoothie Pavillion

I am in some need of giggly times today. As I have spent most of my day behind the old computer screen… including most of my lunch. I thought that I would use an instant message conversation about how “RAD” my friends and I are as my inspiration today.

By the way if you were interested, we’re in the 96th percentile of Raddness which is only slightly under people who make bendy straws, and circus people (who I imagine, have the most fun.) Isabel had this brilliant idea of us combining our careers to make something truly wonderful. So I put Isabel’s dream into my brain waves, and combined it with my love of 1980s/1990s pop culture… Which led my brain files to open the Captain Planet folder… So without further ado, I bring to you the coolest collection of Planeteers in Southern California:

And if we combined food, science and architecture… we wouldn’t get a weird guy with Green Hair and a tankini. I imagine we would come up with one of the fanciest most scientific, and archtiecturally significant Smoothie places on the planet:

And that people from around the world would show up for a truly magical smoothie experience. It would be like the apple store of smoothie places. Fancy business people would buy our deluxe smoothies! Giggly Teens would buy our smoothies! People with scarves would drink our smoothies! I don’t know if anything gets better than that.

I’m going to go start our Mission Statement… I think it has to have “through the science of delicious taste” somewhere in it…


Silly Requests: Architecture Edition

I work in an architectural firm. If you can believe it… sometimes, they let me design spaces real people occupy. However, no one ever lets me put large tiger tapestries in these spaces… mostly because in our contract’s owners provide the furnishings…

But really what can you do about that?

Sometimes, our clients come in and tell us really crazy things they want in projects. We always try to appease them (they are paying for a space, after all) but sometimes they tell us things that really boggle our minds.

That brings us to today’s doodle:

In the real situation: this guy is a higher up who would rather not walk past reception to get to his office… Take that any way you need to. (I think the sour grapes face in my doodle responds quite well to how I assessed the situation, but that is just my opinion.)

What happened was an explanation of why this would not really work, his office for example is nowhere near a corridor (nor could we make a hallway that lead solely to his office.) However, that wicked side of me really wanted to tell him to propel into his space from the roof… but only doodle Lauren gets to experience this as a reality…

I’m going to go draw stuff now.


So Close… yet so incredibly wrong

I’m making this post very brief as I over did it with all those words yesterday.

One of my most endearing quirks* is that I read things like instructions, magazines, and billboards really fast… and sometimes My mind makes up a word or two in the process making thing sound so very strange.  I find myself re-reading things a lot.

For example, this.

And also Fantastic is NOT PRONOUNCED “fanta-stick”.

Here is my latest foray against the English language:

That’s a sub-tile joke!

But in my defense, I work in an architectural office and subway tiling is used a lot… so  it sneakily snuck into my subconscious.


*I’m hoping somebody thinks this is endearing.

Having a “Wonder”ful day at work

Work has been really quite busy as of late.

My boss thinks I know enough stuff to manage my own projects which is very different from the view of architecture I usually have… which is in essence draw and print.

I have in the last few weeks been learning the differences and backing capabilities of carpet…  experiencing meetings about wall hung toilets and drain pipes, answering engineers questions, measuring trelli (that is my plural of trellis, because I’m not a fan of the word trellises).

Also today I had to tell a client that we’re running late on his new project because he keeps making changes to his old projects. In essence he back-burner-ed himself.

As you can tell, I’m basically experiencing the most exciting thing architecture really has to offer you… which is work.

However all this work has seriously made me want to make changes to my business cards:


On my break today I will be making a cuffs and a crown…


Is Lauren Interested? A Handy Guide to Figure Out How to Make Me Listen to You

Have you ever wondered when you are talking to me if I am interested in what you are talking to me about? I must tell you that if you are wondering you may already have your answer. Am I looking far away into space? Am I giggling in the middle of your words? Sorry about that friend, my brain goes at approximately 234 miles per second.

Lauren's Note: Sorry that this doodle scares you, Amber.

Now venture into the next zone carefully:

Firstly, ask yourself  is this really news I need to hear? Be honest with yourself. If the answer is no… walk away, until you made your story into an awesome concoction that I can’t live without.

If your answer is yes, I need to know about it instantly. You may want to use some Lauren convo traps. (I have a feeling that giving away my secrets may be a huge mistake, but I want to hear about new and exciting things, trap me into learning!)

The bait was something shiny!

1. Have you mentioned “the Cure” in any way? Mentioning Robert Smith and his brethren of musical accompaniments may help me  completely tune into what you are saying. Friday I’m in… totally listening to you.

In my imagination we could totally go get gelato and buy matching lipstick...

2. Have you thought of mentioning 30 Rock? If not you should! You may just blow my mind grapes with your witty repertoire.

I would wolf my teamster sub for Floyd.

3. If you may be losing me in conversation don’t fret… bring up chickens! Be they fried, doodled, free range, applying for drivers licenses in Arkansas… I’m there.

Chicken its the best food, and your best friend

4. Art, lets talk about it.. Mondrian, Hopper, Munch, Shag, Bob Dob, Utrillo, Kahlo…

Also Lets make famous art into chickens... combining numbers is muy bueno.

5. Am I going to get a present at the end of this conversation? Just give me a present. People should really give me more presents anyway.

Today the Dab gave me a rubber band, a paper clip and a binder clip... I was overjoyed.

6. Lets talk architecture. This is separate from art, because it is kind of my real profession and all.Tell me about your favorite building mid convo, I want to know about it. And if you can weave that into the story your telling… all the better.

Architectural PUNS!

7. This thing you are talking about…  are you super passionate about it? Does it drive your existence? I love to hear that kind of stuff… I mean if you are really into your story… How could it not become a classic for all ages?

I hope you love it when I talk about gelato

8. Are you talking about an instance that happened to someone I know… that always helps, so I can imagine… I’m usually hoping for a funny circumstance or something… But if its someone I don’t really like- like at all, lets not tell the story. Let’s instead talk about #1-7.

I need an owl to help me out in this situation

And that is really it. Help me become a better listener! I really want to hear all about that really cool thing that happened to you that one time when that other thing happened.


P (to the ) S: that was a lot of doodles.